February 12th, 2014

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This site links you a wealth of online information on Conductive Education – through a single click of the mouse or just one more, rarely through more than three clicks.

e-conduction  potentially links you to thousands of words – up-to-date news, facts, information, views, comment, criticism, practical and academic materials, reports, papers, articles, books, dissertations, centres, training courses, conductive pedagogy and conductive upbringing…

e-conduction is a knowledge portal opening on to what is knowable about Conductive Education through the Internet: books, blogs, library facilities, news papers, research, politics, discussion (a little), where conductors work, a bit of history… and a new quotation from the CEP Quotationary on András Pető, every time that you log into or refresh this page.

e-conduction brings together materials from around the world. Most links are to materials in the English language – because in 2014 that is what the Internet is like. Other languages will also of course be found from time to time.

The Internet is a jumble. Most of it costs nothing but expect to have to pay to read many articles in academic journals.

More materials are being slowly added. Not all the links in e-conduction are working at a given time. You are very welcome to question what you read here, or to suggest additional material.

Click below to enter e-conduction, use the links that you find there to take you further, always read what you find critically – and form your own opinions.

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Quote of the day

Gábor Palotás, who also belonged to his circle of friends, came in out of breath: 'The Professor was put into retirement.' 'That’s not a problem,' said the Professor, 'the problem is that the paper boy is still far down the street.' He picked up the receiver, called the Party Central Committee, one of the bigwigs I’m not saying his name on purpose – and he said: 'Pető here. I was put into retirement yet again.' The Ministry rescinded their intent to retire him a week later and apologized to Pető. They didn’t like András Pető, they would’ve done everything they could to close the Institute. The stupendously huge international popularity of the method and the Institute came when Pető was already dead; it didn’t happen in his life.
Péter Popper

From the  CEP Quotationary of András Pető and his Conductive Education