Where are all the Conductive Education projects ?

Yesterday whilst searching the Internet I found something interesting that I had not been looking for, as often happens! This was a dissertation by a Brazilian, at do Vale do Itajai University, which I was unable to print off as that facility had been blocked. I do not know why. Andrew has posted a blog about this work at


It made me think that there must be more projects, studies, dissertations, theses, out there on Conductive Education that I do not know about and do not have copies of in the library. There is a growing collection of such material in the library, regularly added to by the student conductors on the undergraduate course run here in conjunction with the University of Wolverhampton. Their final year dissertations have covered a wide variety of topics connected with Conductive Education over the past ten years and would provide a good base for anyone wishing to follow up on their initial investigations. I have a list of titles if anyone is interested in finding out what has been done. Two of these (by Hilary Nelson and Ben Foulger) have been reported as articles in Recent Advances in Conductive Education, the Foundation for Conductive Education’s journal.

Such studies must be happening all over the world now and I would love to have copies of as many as possible in the library along with information, papers, reports of any other research, investigations etc carried out by centres or health professionals.

If you know of or have completed such a piece of work, in any language, please do get in touch and let me know so I can obtain a copy if possible. Authorship can remain annonymous ( as has happened occasionally in the past) if wished.

I would also like to know of any on-going projects, any projects not started or not completed for any reason, (for example lack of funds) – all useful, interesting information to get a full picture of Conductive Education research worldwide.

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