Update on new online service

Last week I posted about the new online service


from Special Needs Jungle for obtaining copies of journal articles not yet free on the Internet.


I applied for an article and received a very nice email back  stating that my request had been forwarded to the publisher and I should hear in about six days or so.

Today I checked my email and found I had been sent a reply last night. The article was now available for me via the Special needs Jungle website where I was to follow the link given.

I did this and found the report by Ester Cotton on a study visit to the Institute for Movement Therapy and School for Conductors, published in 1965, was now available to me in a pdf format. Terrific service from an organisation staffed by volunteers!

I was also told :

Please do pass on this service to your colleagues and friends and feel free to share the research using this link:  http://bit.ly/snjPI1

All items requested in this way will be available to those who access the Special Needs Jungle website. This is the first,  and I am sure others will follow.  In fact, I have several I will ask for myself and I will check the list regularly to see what is on it relevant to Conductive Education.

Please remember that not every request may be granted, but do try it out.

One comment on “Update on new online service

  1. Andrew Sutton June 10, 2015 7:08 pm

    What a wonderful article to chose for you t o use to test out this new information-retrieval, and how nice it is to see this classic moment in the story of trying to understand Conductive Education now at last publicly available.

    And what a sardonic sense of humour you display!

    Thanks for helping us with this small step for scholarship, and here’s hoping that this historical document is read for what it is.

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