Some sad news today

Today I heard about the death of Margit Balogh, former Librarian at the Peto Institute, from cancer.

She became Librarian of the Institute in 1992 and brought new life and systems to the  Institute’s collection. In a chapter written for the recent book on Dr Hári (Balogh and Dezsőné, 2014) she describes her work there under the watchful, interested eye of Mária Hári, who encouraged her  to update the procedures, re-organise the stock, and develop the use of computers,  making its holdings  more accessible.

Margit also edited the book Mária Hári and her conductive education in 2007.

In 1993 I visited the Institute and met with Margit.  We communicated through an interpreter as I knew no Hungarian and she no English, but it was an interesting meeting as we talked about the unique sources on Conductive Education held in the Institute and the beginnings of the Library I was establishing for the Foundation for Conductive Education in England.

Margit did retire some years ago but today’s users of the Library owe her a large debt for all she did for the collection, and Conductive Education.

Today is a very sad day.


Balogh, E and Horváth Dezsőné, (2014) Emlékkönyv, Hári, Mária 1923-2001. Budapest: Pető András Főiskola


One comment on “Some sad news today

  1. Laszlo May 14, 2019 8:38 pm

    What a sad news! R.I.P. Margit!
    I knew her since 1993 and we developed a quite a great professional relationship through the last 20 odd years. She never forget to send me a list of new published literature ( of MPANNI) until she has retired. We have had great and long discussions on CE and current political ideas when we prsonally met (like twice a year each year). She usued to help me to find original literatures to my PHD journey and was always encouraging person. I felt her deep respect first when she once came to me when I was readimg something in the library and asked if I would know the secrets of the library back in 1996.
    Well, sleep in peace dear Margit!
    Laszlo Szögeczki

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