Searching the Pető Institute library catalogue

After comments received about accessing  the  catalogue of the  Pető Institute library, I have tried again but am  still not getting results for András Pető as author despite trying the way suggested by Bea Toth on Andrew’s Facebook page. 

I have  used the browse option, put in his name, and asked it to search for him as author and still get nothing. It is difficult to believe  that there is nothing catalogued written by the man himself.

I have done this in both the English and Hungarian language versions.

I also  asked it to search  for András Pető using all the fields offered, e.g.  author, title, publisher  and this  resulted in  a list of items that  contain the word Pető. Still none with him as an author.

I had no problem with  searching for material by Mária Hári.

I know how difficult it can be to search unfamiliar catalogues (and re-wrote the help page for the virtual library to make it easier to access the information held), but I would have thought that I could find my way around the Pető Institute library catalogue without any problems.

All suggestions on overcoming this are  welcome


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