New website for parents by a parent

I have just had an alert from Google for a website I believe is new this year and it looks very interesting and different from the usual. up by a father of a cerebral palsied child it states its aims as:

Exceptional Family TV is the online home destination for families raising children with special needs, bringing together all the social and multimedia elements in one location.

COMING SOON MAY 2010- Internet based weekly TV show Focusing on the realities of raising children with special needs. Sign up for “Sneak Peeks” of the show.

eFamilyTV Store- Scheduled to launch March 2010. Our online store will feature products specific to the special needs community. Adaptive toys, adaptive clothing, equipment, travel, and so much more. What would you like to see in our store?Click here to make suggestions.

Family Networking taken to a new level- April 2010. Bringing families together locally and internationally by allowing you to search and connect based on child’s age, diagnoses and location. Make friends online or choose to meet up locally for play dates

A request for parents to discuss their experiences and knowledge of Conductive Education has been made at

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