New Additions to the Virtual Library, Spring 2016

As the contents of the catalogue increases – it now has 608 items – it is becoming harder to find new material for it, and this list of  new additions  I have found so far this year  is a mixture of old and newly available articles, a book review and web documents in English, Russian, German and Hungarian.

Conductive Education: the unfinished story
Andrew Sutton
Journal article

Doktori kutátosok a Petőintézetben [Doctoral studies at the Pető Institute]
K.S. Horváthné, and others
Journal article

Conductive Education
John Elkins
Book Review

Conference program 2016

Conductive Education and Parkinson’s
Judit Szathmary
Blog posting

The continuous presence of conductive pedagogy in the United States
Andrea Benyovszky
Thesis summary

A konduktív pedagógia permanens jelenléte az Amerikai Egyesült Államokban
Andrea Benyovszky
Thesis summary

Konduktivnaya pedagogiya A. Pete: razvitie detei s naruzheniyami oporno-dvigatl’nogo apparata [A. Pető’s conductive pedagogy: development of children with motor disorders’]
Annette Fink
Book- Russian translation

Кондуктивная педагогика Aндраша Пете. Oсновные положения метода по реабилитации детей с дцп на примере Польского опыта [The Conductive Education of András Pető. The principal theses of the method of rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy from the Polish experience].
Journal article

Conductive education in the treatment of unilateral neglect: A case report
Rabia Aziz and others
Journal article

The development of Conductive Education in Germany
Phoenix GmbH and Bundesverband der Konduktoren e.V
Pdf document

Links to all  these are available at

If anyone knows of any items to be included in the catalogue, please do let me know.

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