Libraries under threat

A couple of years ago I decided that I would stop buying so many books as the house was filling up with them, so now I only buy what I think I will read again or use often. On that basis my  my cookery book collection is still growing!
Because of this decision I have been using my local public library regularly for fiction and any reference books I don’t have at home. In the process I have discovered all the extra services available now such as computers, scanners and the facility to print and copy documents if required – for a very small charge. This was a godsend when my computer ‘died’ last October. Wonderful.
This weekend I heard that the Government is thinking of closing a large number of such local libraries as part of its spending revue. I was horrified as libraries take up such a small amount of local budgets and fufill a great need. Protests all over the country are on the way, I believe.
This after reading Andrew’s blog about the Hungarian Government and its plans for the Foundations, one of which runs the Peto Institute.
What will happen? What will happen to the Peto Institute Library too?
Worrying times ahead.

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