Let’s meet again…and again

A meeting is an event where minutes are taken and hours wasted”.

Meetings, who likes them? Who thinks they are productive? We have all been involved in meetings to make plans, solve problems and look at the future etc. How often are they worth the time and effort?

This morning an alert arrived in my inbox covering this very topic.


It makes interesting reading and I thought it might be useful for all of us having meetings at all levels of importance.

I have looked on the internet for other sources of advice and information and found the following, you may find more



This one says it all in a nutshell!



Apparently, it all depends on the leader, the participants and the agenda, as if we didn’t know!

I also looked up some quotes about meetings and this is one that really hits home.

Employees hate meetings because they reveal that self-promotion, sycophancy, dissimulation and constantly talking nonsense in a loud confident voice are more impressive than merely being good at the job – and it is depressing to lack these skills but even more depressing to discover one’s self using them. 
― Michael FoleyEmbracing the Ordinary: Lessons From the Champions of Everyday Life


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