Dame Vera Lynn charity to change its name

The Dame Vera Lynn Trust for Children with Cerebral Palsy has announced that it will change its name, its logo, and launch a new website, on 21 September to become the Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity.


This has been decided to clarify the charity’s status. The charity was established in 2001 when Scope announced it would be unable to carry on funding the School for Parents at Ingfield Manor and since then has been raising money to enable parents to access Conductive Education for their children.


The chair of trustees explains that in fact the charity does not fund the school from a Trust fund as people seem to think

“For too many years there has been a misconception that Dame Vera has set aside a trust fund to finance the School for Parents service for children under five with cerebral palsy. In truth the charity has struggled financially and often turns away applications from other not-for-profit organisations for funding.”

Let’s hope the new branding and fundraising helps the charity to raise enough funds to keep supporting parents wishing to obtain Conductive Education for their children in West Sussex.

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