Conductive Education: benefits and challenges

It is great to read on Andrew Sutton’s blog today that the above article on Conductive Education has been published in an American special education journal. is only available to read if you have a subscription to the journal, Teaching Exceptional Children or are a member of the Council for Exceptional Children, but I have managed to read the reference list and am pleased to say that all those mentioned are available in the National Library of Conductive Education.

Getting a copy to add to the library stock may take a little while as copyright and permissions/purchase will be necessary, but hopefully this article will become a new addition as soon as possible and be accessible to all users of the library.

I suggest you contact Melanie Brown if you wish to be informed of its availability or wish to access any of the references.

The full reference is:

Ratcliffe, K. and Sanekane, C. (2009) Conductive Education: benefits and challenges.
Teaching Exceptional Children,May/June, pp. 66-72.

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