World Congress 2010

Presentations to the 7th World Congress of Conductive Education

I have just discovered a presentation to the 7th World Congress of Conductive Education by Tunde Rozsahegyi is available on the Internet. The title of this is Divergent perspectives on educational priorities for young children with cerebral palsy: A case studyand information about it and its URL has now been entered in the Virtual Library’s catalogue at
Several such presentations from this congress can be found in the Virtual Library and its Depository. Many more were given at the time so if  you know of any others that are available online or you would like to send yours to me to be included in the Depository, please do get in touch.

New books on Conductive Education

As I mentioned when I was still in Hong Kong, five new books on Conductive Education have been published and some information about them was available at the World Congress. The time has flown since I got back, and what with Christmas too, there doesn’t seem to have been much time to blog.

But now I can.

It is quite an event for so many items to be published at the same time and I hope there will be more to come in 2011. Conductive Education Press has plans for three titles and maybe other people/organisations will publish too. More publications are needed, more accurate information, and more clarification, so I hope there will be more very soon.

I cannot comment on the quality of these five – it is up to you to decide!

In no particular order they are:

Mallett, S. Let me tell you a story. Nurnberg: Conductor Nurnberg.

Susie Mallett has selected six of her blog postings describing her work with children and adolescents and put them into a small booklet of 50 pages.

More information can be found at

This can be purchased directly from Susie at  for 8.50 euros plus postage and packing and I do have a few copies to sell for Susie if you would like to contact me.

International Peto Association. Abstract book; the 7th World Congress on Conductive Education. Hong Kong: SAHK.

This collection of the abstracts and poster presentations was given to all delgates at the Congress.
If you wish to obtain a copy I suggest you contact Ivan Su at SAHK to see if there are any available.

Su, I., ed. A collection of articles published by the staff members of SAHK in the past 15 years (from 1994-2008). Hong Kong: SAHK

This collection of papers and presentations is in English and Chinese.

Contact Ivan Su for information on availability.

Airaksinen, L. and Carlstedt, I., ed. Conductive Education – towards an integrated school day. Alvsjo: Joriel School and Ruskeasuo School. 25 euros

This book contains chapters on the history of CE in Sweden and Finland and accounts of attempts to use the principles of Conductive Education as an integrated part of the school day in those countries.

Copies can be obtained from Ruskeasuo School

Beck, E. Task series in Conductive Education. Budapest: International Peto Institute

This is an English translation of the Hungarian edition published a few years ago.

Contact Bea at  for further information.

Of course, Conductive Education Press also published a book at the beginning of December titled Intelligent Love; parents’ action for Conductive Education. For more information, please see my posting at

Around the world in ten days – almost!

I arrived home in Birmingham yesterday lunchtime after what seemed to be a never-ending journey. It was 24 hours since I had left the hotel in Hong Kong and I was very tired indeed. How people can do this all the time amazes me.
On the way out to Hong Kong I stayed over in Dubai for a day with my nephew, a journalist, who lives there. All was on a very large scale – everywhere were tall buildings, construction projects and a very efficient road system. He took me up the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa and round the largest shopping mall in the world on the way to seeing a Fountain display, the water ‘moving’ to music. In the evening we took a short boat ride across the creek to the souks where spices and medicines are sold before having a very tasty Arabic dinner. Fabulous.
I was up early next morning and back to the huge airport for the next stage of the journey to Hong Kong, arriving late at night to a kaleidascope of bright lights.
Hong Kong ws a wonderful place to visit and everyone I met was very helpful and extremely polite. Temperatures were in the early 20s so it was even more wonderful to be there  after the freezing cold in the UK.
The city was very clean, well organised and easy to get around enabling me to visit most of the places on my list in the time allowed. I saw the Big Buddha, had lunch in the buddhist monastery, visited Taoist temples,  went to several street markets, had a trip round the harbour at night, crossed over to Kowloon on the Star Ferry and had coffee in the former headquarters of the Hong Kong Police Force – now converted into a shopping mall with restuarants and coffee bars. On my last day I went up to the Peak by cable car for the fantastic view. Here as everywhere there were more shops and restuarants!  It was windy and cold and a little misty (unless that was pollution, hard for me to tell) but well worth the effort. I was lucky to do all these things in the company of some wonderful friends – so thank you to all who came with me and made it so enjoyable.
This was all fitted in after, and round the conference, which I will talk about later.
Now it is time to unpack, do the washing and start thinking about Christmas.
 Back to earth with a bump!

Coming soon!

This is only a quick posting as there is still a lot going on here at the World Congress. Unlike Andrew I have not been able to post every day as I do not have a laptop or notebook of my own.

Since I arrived I have  met people who I only knew via the Internet or publications which has been wonderful. Of course no-one looks as I had imagined and they were probably surprised in the same way on meeting me.

In the process I have found out about three books that have just been published in English and one in Chinese. Full details about these will be posted when I get home at the weekend as I have the use of this notebook (courtesy of Susie Mallett) for a few minutes before going into the final part f the programme, the Plenary discussions on the essence of CE and the future for it in the 21st century ö no doubt Andrew will report on these later.

Congress time

Well its nearly Congress time and I start my journey to Hong Kong later today – weather permitting. It is still snowing here and I am watching the news for updates on the situation at the airport.
The above photo is of my brother, mother and I enjoying refreshment at the Peak in Hong Kong quite a long time ago. I hope to go up there again, enjoy the view and have another ice-cream next week!
I am looking forward to meeting all the people I have ‘spoken’ to via email, whose papers I have read and who contributed to the National Library of Conductive Education whilst I was Librarian.  Its my first visit to such an event and it should be an interesting time.

Conductive Education books at the World Congress

Several people have asked me if it will be possible to buy books published by Conductive Education Press at the Congress.
We have made Conductive Education Press publications easily accessible from anywhere in the world and deliverable to your door at the click of a mouse.

CEP is a publisher and not a bookseller with premises and a physical stall.

Single copies of the titles will be available to look at during the Congress and a leaflet to take away containing information about all titles. I believe there may be information about a book from the Peto Institute available in the same way, Susie Mallett is working on a pamphlet, and there may be others too.

Usually at conferences books are available to order, rather than purchase there and then. A catalogue or titles may be available to look at and a form provided to complete to obtain copies. Sometimes there are copies available to buy, but not often; for instance, if the congress is being held in the home country of the  publisher it would be possible to take multiple copies to sell – perhaps SAHK will do this with their publications.  No airline luggage restrictions for them!

By the way, feedback from all of you who obtain and read copies would be very welcome.
It looks as though 2010 will see the publication of at least four titles on Conductive Education, quite an achievement!