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Updating the Where Conductors Work Map 2

I have now finished checking countries from I-Z and cannot find websites for the following places:

Universtiy Hospital of Tromsø. 

Aspace Centro de neurorrehabilitacion PETÖ

Aspire -Berkshire Conductive Education & Multi-Sensory Activity Centre

Blackfriars School

Ladderback Kids

Rutland House

Not as many as in the first batch of countries.

Of course they may have changed their names or have new websites at different URLs. Please do let me know if they are still operating with a conductor or I will mark them as closed.

Please also let me know of any others  that may have closed recently, leaving their website ‘live’.

Do help me with this, if you can. I cannot do it without you!

Changes in Conductors’ Workplaces

A few months ago the map of Conductor workplaces was launched, and I have been keeping it up to date as and when I hear of any new places, and changes in the addresses and services of places already on the map.
As summer is now over and people are gradually getting back into work mode, I wonder if some of those workplaces have changed their addresses, services, or even closed, so I would be grateful if you would send me any updates or new information.
This service will only be kept current and accurate with your help, so please do contact me with any information you may have.
Thank you.