Copyright ignored again?

Yesterday I received a Google Alert for Conductive Education which appears to be a video produced by the Foundation for Conductive Education.

Over the years a number of such promotional films were made and if I remember those correctly this particular upload seems to be a bit of a cut and paste job from more than one.  There is no mention of any production date that I can find.

This film was uploaded by ‘Pearley Franc’ and  on going to the home page of the website I can find no information about this person just links to other films that have been uploaded. None of these appear to have any link with Conductive Education and I can find no Pearley Franc on Facebook .

The website  appears to be a facility that you can join up to and use to upload videos of your choice and is based in Paris.

Perhaps the Foundation knows about this and has given permission to use its films but there is no mention or acknowledgment to say so.

Copyright is something which seems to get ignored on the Internet as many people appear to think that anything published on the Web is up for grabs and  are happy to cut and paste to their hearts content from websites, documents and films. Perhaps those who hold copyright to their material should try and monitor it a bit more and at the very least require acknowledgment of their work.

Thank you Claire…and congratulations

Over the years I have got know the names of those who have become involved in Conductive Education in a variety of ways. For example, some are conductors, some parents,  some professionals, and some who now ‘use the principles’ of Conductive Education.
In Hong Kong I met a lady whose name I had known for many years. I knew that she had gone to Budapest with her child and then become actively involved in trying to bring CE to Australia – Claire Cotter, parent, occupational therapist and Honorary Conductor.
Claire gave me two videos of  historical interest, videos of the 1991 Australian conference containing presentations by Maria Hari, amongst others. These are now part of my growing library and very important additions.
Thank you very much, Claire, these will be preserved and made available to others in the future.
Whilst preparing this blog I came across a news item about her reporting an award she had received from the  Victorian State Government in Australia  for her work helping “those with disabilities participate in their communities”.
Claire is the first recipient of the Victorian Disability Sector’s leadership award for all her hard work.
She founded the Cerebral Palsy Education Center, which is staffed by physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and receives input from a conductor.

Hearty congratulations, Claire, and thanks again for the videos.
It was lovely to meet you!

More Conductive Education videos available online

A while ago I posted a blog about a source of videos on Conductive Education.

Today I have found another one, courtesy of Google alerts.

This has 6 pages of videos to browse through covering for example, children and adults, news stories, assessment videos,centres, fundraising events. I have not been able to discover much about this site other than it is :

‘ The first multimedia search engine that helps you find video music and image in one click.’

Let me know what you think.

Conductive Education videos

It is great to receive emails passing on information to me about sources of information in Conductive Education. Today I had one from Susie about a website which has a list of Conductive Education videos on the Internet. No indication of the compiler is given but the URL does include a reference to fantasy football!There is a substantial number listed and the title, source and brief description of each is given. Some have been produced by parents highlighting the progress of their child/children receiving Conductive Education and some by conductors who wish to demonstrate their work in a particular session, group or centre. This could be a useful source of information for those wanting to see ‘what conductors do’ .

Also included is a selection of news items.

Please keep such emails coming and I will blog the details.