Conductive Education in Ukraine?

A news alert recently led me to a piece which had been published in the Bradford Telegraph and Argus in 2008.

A small charity from Yorkshire has been supporting a hospital in Ukraine.

The hospital is one of the projects supported by Bradford charity Take Hope Yorkshire. Run by Andrew McVeigh and Beverley Clegg of Denholme, it raises funds for organisations in Vinogradiv in the Transcarpat-hia region and sends out lorry-loads of aid including clothing, shoes, bedding and medical equipment.

Andrew launched Take Hope in 1995.

The newspaper reports on visits to the hospital and also a day centre for children. It states that the staff have been trained at the Peto Institute, but its not very clear if these are conductors or not, with the mention of mothers and doctors.

Staff are trained at the world-famous Peto Institute in Hungary. We watched one medic in action, vigorously massaging a child to stimulate muscles. In another room, a mother was leading her little girl across a wooden ladder contraption on the floor. The child put all her effort into staying upright. Next, she laid across an exercise ball and a doctor pulled her legs, stretching her muscles.

Does anybody know more about this? Have  conductors been there?  Still there?