Tsad Kadima

New book from Conductive Education Press

Schenker, R., ed. Genesis; bringing Conductive Education to Israel. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press, Jerusalem: Tsad Kadima

Bringing Conductive…
By Rony Schenker
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In the summer Conductive Education Press was asked by Tsad Kadima (Israel) if we would publish their story to celebrate 30 years of the organisation. Naturally we agreed, and are very pleased to announce that the book, Genesis, edited by Rony Schenker and published jointly by Conductive Education Press and Tsad Kadima,  is now available. An abstract on the back cover states:

This book tells something of what Tsad Kadima has done in Israel, and what this has achieved. It recounts something of the process of creating the ‘Tsad Kadima family’, which has developed over the years in a manner unique within the world of Conductive Education. This includes the vital matter of sustainability, Tsad Kadima demonstrating the potential for national Conductive Education systems to reproduce themselves and evolve for the benefit of generations to come.

 The book is the result of a lot of hard work by the final year students of the Israeli conductor training course who interviewed the parents and the professionals involved in bringing Conductive Education to Israel. It highlights the unique perspective and determination of Israeli parents 30 years ago, an example to us all.

There is an early bird price for the book  of £5.00 (plus postage and packing) on the occasion of the coming 9th World Congress of Conductive Education in Budapest.

Copies can be ordered via this link