The Conductive Post

The Conductive Post – a new service up and running

Conduction, think tank for the world of Conductive Education, has decided to bring

together online resource bases for those who use or seek to understand Conductive Education, those who work in it or help provide it, and anybody ‘outside’ who just wants to know.


As part of this aim, a few days ago a new service started for those interested in keeping up with blog postings on Conductive Education.

The Conductive Post has been created on Conduction’s website at

and this has  links to all the latest postings from various Conductive Education blogs in one place. The name of the blog and the first couple of sentences are shown in columns just like a newspaper, and a quick click on the picture above these, will take you to the blog so you can read the whole posting. The latest posting is always first, as the date shows.

Go and have a look.

This is the work of Andrew Sutton and Ben Foulger developed from an original idea from Ben. It is a wonderful service allowing access to the blogs from one place and gives a quick overall picture of current topics of interest to the bloggers. The blogs concerned are still  ‘owned’ by the bloggers, all the Conductive Post does is link to them.

One feature of the Conductive Post is the guest blogger column. This will contain postings by those who do not have a blog of therir own but would like to post now and again. This should make some interesting reading.

Why not have a go and submit a posting ?