Steps Conductive Education Centre

Sign of the times?

I have been collecting news items ready for the next list and come across one about the Steps Centre in Leicestershire, UK.  They are having serious financial problems and need to raise money urgently to keep the centre going as they have only enough money to pay wages for one month.

A statement by Rosemary Conley, one of their patron’s, can be found on their website at

This is a sign of the hard financial times everyone is going through at the moment and perhaps other centres are in a similar position.

CE centre appears on Children in Need

 I have just been checking on CE Centre newsletters and found an exciting event for one centre flagged up.
Every year in November a big fundraising event takes place in the UK for Children in Need,  the BBC’s UK corporate charity which aims to  ‘make a real difference to the lives of children all across the UK’.  This is broadcast on BBC television on a Friday night and took place this year last Friday, 18 November. Various ‘celebrities’ take part by doing ‘silly things’ and viewers are asked to pledge money for the cause.
In the latest issue of the newsletter of Steps Conductive Education Centre ( in Leicestershire), it is stated that  this year  a film of the work of  the centre was chosen to be included. What a marvellous opportunity for Steps –  and Conductive Education in the UK.
In the past Children in Need  donated funds to the Foundation for Conductive Education’s children’s services at the  National Institute of Conductive Education, and there may be othe centres who have received help in this way. Perhaps the film was shown as example of how the money raised last year was spent – I don’t know as I did not see the programme.
I do hope, however, that  all went well  and film did get broadcast and was seen by many, especially parents looking for help for their children.