Stephanie Driver

New year, new service in Essex

I heard today about a new service started by an English conductor in Essex. Stephanie Driver has set up in Brentwood offering Conductive Education sessions for children. She also teaches yoga and meditation, offers  yoga for children who have disabilities, and chair yoga for adults who have movement difficulties / disabilities.


She can be found on the Where Conductors Work map at

If you wish to know more,  please email her at


Good luck, Stephanie!

Conductive Education starts in Vietnam

Today I received an email sending me a link to the  newsletter of Childrens Hope in Action, Vietnam.

This led me to a brief piece about the work of Stephanie Driver, a British conductor who is volunteering there. She has been working on this project for 5 months. several groups with children have ben set up and she  is working hard at introducing Conductive Education to Vietnam. Let us hope that this is a case of small beginnings leading to bigger and better things.

Well done, Stephanie!