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New online information service goes live today

Yesterday a posting on Andrew Sutton’s blog drew my attention to a new information service which looks to be very useful to those looking for particular items not available online.


Special Needs Jungle were offering to help access journal articles via Patient INFORM:

So, you’ve found a medical article or research study that’s behind a paywall?

Well, submit the details as indicated below and we will see if we can get it released.


This service started today and I have joined up and submitted a request for an article from Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology.  The form  supplied  asks for author, title, journal, date and the URL of the article on the Internet. 

Special Needs Jungle have responded with an email saying: 

Thanks for using our patientINFORM article request system.

This confirms that your request has been received.

We’ll email you when we hear back if that article is available to be accessed  (not all are) and we’ll send you the link.

I will now wait for further news which may take up to six days. 

On further investigation I discovered that PatientINFORM  works with medical journals only, which  may limit its usefulness re items on Conductive Education.  A   list of the publishers and journals  involved are on its website at


For the past five years I have been compiling the Virtual Library catalogue of items relevant to Conductive Education that are  freely available online either in full or just an abstract, and also those that need payment .


This new service  is available to individuals only.

The resulting information can be printed off but  cannot be circulated to others in any way ( for copyright reasons, I assume).

 I hope that it can complement my catalogue nicely.