Adult Conductive Education services in the UK

On Facebook today there was a request for information about CE services for those with Parkinson’s disease and I have spent a short time consulting the Workplace Map  for adult services at  centres in the UK.

The map is there to provide information about places conductors work world wide and includes  further details such as contact information, website etc and can be searched by  services, country and centre name.

There are a dozen places recorded on the map and these ( in no particular order) are:

National Institute – Birmingham, Cheltenham and Coventry

Szathmary Training and Consultancy

Megan Baker House

Cork Centre for Conductive Education

Step and Learn Conductive Education Centre

Independent Conductive Education Services

Paces Sheffield

Conductive Education Richmond Facebook:

CMSS Skills Development Centre

International Therapeutic Initiative UK

Rainbow Centre



If details or circumstances have changed I would be grateful if you let me know so I can amend the map.


London Centre set to expand

The London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy

which opened in 1988 with a mother and baby group, is hoping to move into bigger premises and is exhibiting the plans for developing and moving into the former Green Man pub in Muswell Hill Road.

The centre is exhibiting the plans  because:

We are very keen to hear what local residents think of the plans before we submit a planning application and we hope as many residents as possible are able to attend our public exhibition to see the plans and meet our team.

 Their current premises have become too small for their current services for children up to the age of eleven, and the  new building will be twice the size, allowing for new services for older children.
It is good to see that in this current financial turndown that it is possible for Conductive Education centres to not only survive but expand too.

My lists, CE Centres and Conductor Workplaces

I believe there has been some confusion and miscommunication about my lists of CE Centres and the new virtual map of Conductors’ Workplaces.
The links to the lists which appeared on the sidebar of this blog, have been deleted (although the original postings are still in place), and all information contained in them has been updated and is now available via the virtual map at
In future please do go the virtual map for information about where conductors are working and to find out if there is conductor-led practice in a particular country.
As always I will be grateful for new information about these workplaces because I will need your help to  keep the map up to date.

More workplaces on the map

Over the past week I have been able to add six new workplaces to the Workplace map at

This has been possible as several people have sent me the details, which is wonderful.   Conductors sent me details about the schools in Australia and Sweden, Rony Schenker  details of the Apartment in Israel, and Andrew details for the workplaces in Russia and France.

Many thanks to you all.

Please keep them coming and also don’t forget to let me know when any close or no longer have a conductor, as  I can not keep this up to date without you.

If your workplace is not up there, tell me and send details!

New IT service in Conductive Education

I have just heard today about a new website and service in Conductive Education.

This has been set up by Ben Foulger, a conductor with great experience of IT. He is available to help with all IT aspects of Conductive Education and has already received a contract to provide a website for one CE organisation.
I struggle with the technical aspects of communicating and imagine most of us do, so this development is most welcome. Now we have someone who knows about such things, someone  to  consult, help and provide. I am sure I will be using his services at some stage.
Do go and have a look at the website to see what Ben has already done and what he can offer.

Exciting new venture in Sweden

Some good news to start 2011 – Eszter Horvath Tothne writes from Sweden:

Move & Walk today received the permission to start a secondary school (High school) for children with special needs with Conductive Education!!!! Big step!!!!!!

Quite what is happening is not clear yet but more information will appear on the website  in the next week or so.

A good start to the new year !

Conductive Education starts in Vietnam

Today I received an email sending me a link to the  newsletter of Childrens Hope in Action, Vietnam.

This led me to a brief piece about the work of Stephanie Driver, a British conductor who is volunteering there. She has been working on this project for 5 months. several groups with children have ben set up and she  is working hard at introducing Conductive Education to Vietnam. Let us hope that this is a case of small beginnings leading to bigger and better things.

Well done, Stephanie!

Adult Conductive Education services in Hungary

I have been sent an up-to-date list of adult CE services in Hungary compiled by Mátyásiné Kiss Ágnes and as promised in an earlier blog

I am posting them here. The list sent to me is in Hungarian, so please forgive any missing or wrong accents as this computer does not have the relevant software, and if I have missed any or misunderstood, do let me know.
Please note only one has a website, but all have an email address for contact.


Mozgássérült Emberek Rehabilitációs Központja
1024 Budapest Marcibányi tér 3.
Website: or

Országos Orvosi Rehabilitácios Intezet
1024 Budapest,Szanatorium u.2.


GYSG Rehabilitácios KFT

1114 Budapest, Pillango utca 12.



Bács Kiskun Megyei Önkormá nyzat Konduktív Pedagógiai Intézete és Szakszolgálata
6400 Kiskunhalas Esze Tamá s Iakó telep 6.

Bács Kiskun Megyei Önkormá nyzat Pszichiátriai és Fogyaté kos Betegek Otthona

6400 Kiskunhalas Kõ rö si ú t 16

Városi Kórház Mozgósterápia-Konduktív Pedagógia Szakambulancia

6500 Baja, Ró kus u. 10.

Önkormá nyzat Képviselõ Testület Gondozási Központ

6066 Tiszaalpár, Dózsa Gy. u.71.

Mozgásszervi Rehabilitációs Központ
3400 Mezökövesd, Fülemü le ú t 1.
Email: mrkzsory@t-online.huHeves

Markhot Ferenc Negyei Kó rhá z é s Rendelõ inté zet Mozgá sszervi Rehabilitá ció s Osztá ly
3300 Eger, Szé chenyi u.27-29.

Komárom – Esztergom

Tatabánya Többcélú Kistérségi Társulás ESZI Szent György Otthon
2834 Tarjá n, Petõ fi S. u.16.


Szent Lázár Megyei Korház Felnott Rehabilitácios Osztály
3100 Salgotarján, Fuleki u.54-56.

Email: ildus.63@vipmail.huPest

Fõvárosi Önkormányzat Idosek Otthona
2100 Gödõllö , Dózsa Gy.u.65.
Email: mailto:bibcock@citromail.huSomogy

Egészségügyi Közhasznú Társaság Rendelö Intézet
8642 Fonyód, Szent István u.27.


Veszprém Megyei Egységes Pedagógiai Szakszolgálat
8300 Tapolca, Nagykö z u.1-3.


Kanizsai Dorottya Kórház Felnött Rehabilitációs Osztálya
8800 Nagykanizsa, Szekeres Jó zsef u. 2-8.

Honvédelmi Minisztérium Állami Eü -I Kp. Hévízi Mozgásszervi Rehabilitációs Intézete
8380 Hé viz, Ady Endre u. 31.

Pető Institute is no longer the only option

Over the past year, and particularly this last week, I have been seeing news items about parents raising money to take their children to the Peto Institute in Budapest. A very worthwhile aim but these parents do not seem to have any awareness of the availability of Conductive Education services with conductors, not just in their own country, but very near home and quite often free, or at least subsidised in some way. 

One of the stories reported the efforst of a family in Corby, Northants which cannot be that far from the Leicestershire Steps Centre and I assume they are not aware of this.


It seems that Conductive Education still has a long way to go not only in promoting its benefits, but also promoting the services available locally. A difficult task and something to aim for in 2010.I will try and do my bit and keep my lists of centres up to date and also aim to produce lists of services in more countries.