Checking cookies

Even though I use my computer regularly and connect to the Internet to obtain information and maintain my blogs, I am not very good with any of the technical aspects of the hardware and software. Friends who are a bit more savvy than me often have to help out with advice and help. A piece in my local paper by Dave Pinwell about cookies has proved very useful too, and I would like to pass on the information.
One aspect I have had trouble understanding is the cookies that are small files which get put on  the PC without permission or notification when I visit websites. How this can happen I don’t know, all I know is that it does.
These cookies collect details of browsing activity and sometimes contain login, passwords and other details needed to make repeat visits to a site. These are not dangerous unless they get into the wrong hands, and the information gained could be obtained by a hacker whether cookies are held or not. So a good firewall and security protection are vital. Having these will permit proper use of cookies and any unwanted intrusion will be prevented.
You can block all cookies but this may prevent you accessing sites that you want to, so it will be worth checking your privacy levels. It is possible to delete cookies before you close the computer down and I do this regularly. You need to right click on the Internet icon, choose properties and then click on  delete for browsing history to remove all those cookies you do not want on your computer.
Thanks, Dave.