New home for Dame Vera Lynn’s charity

Dame Vera Lynn’s charity has supported Conductive Education in Sussex for many years, initially with the School for Parents at Ingfield Manor. Last year this support was removed in anticipation of expanding services in new premises, and the charity, Scope, is now supporting Ingfield Manor.

The Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity  has now moved into the new separate accommodation and plans to run a variety of services for the under- 5s with cerebral palsy- including Conductive Education – from there.

Dame Vera’s charity moves as 100th birthday nears

More information and contact details can be found on the website at

Also announced is a special concert at the London Palladium to celebrate Dame Vera’s 100th birthday and her amazing career, whilst raising funds for her charity.












Schools for Parents

I have just received the following Google alert, as Scope has updated its website.

Scope, a charity working for the disabled in the UK has created a network of Schools for Parents that offer various Conductive Education Services. A charity was set up by parents of cerebral palsied children in the 1950s to support and care for those with cerebral palsy and it was called the Spastics Society. In the 1990s it became involved in Conductive Education but this was not developed  and sustained as suggested at the time. It has now changed its name to Scope  and over the past few years has gradually widened  its support to include all disabled people and their families. A network of Schools for Parents has been created over the years  that offers various Conductive Education Services.   A list of these can be found on their website at

Twenty-six schools are listed alphabetically by name and not geographically. These are a mixed collection and consist of centres operating for some years, e.g. The Rainbow Centre, STEPS Leicestershire Conductive Education Centre, The London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy  and some part of established special schools e.g Percy Hedley, Villa Real, Horton Lodge. along with small centres such as the Norfolk School for Parents.

Some centres have conductors and some offer the principles of Conductive Education, one even says that the staff have been trained in the Peto method, but not where or how. This makes it difficult to understand exactly what is on offer, but  I am sure any parent wishing to find CE for his/her child would follow up on this information and find out more about each School using the contact details given  and probably making a visit.