Scientific Studies on Conductive Pedagogy

Conductive Education Classic no.8

Akos, K., ed. (1975) Scientific Studies on Conductive Pedagogy. Budapest: Conductors’ College.

This book was published in 1975 by the Institute for Conductive Education of the Motor Disabled Conductor’s College ( now the Peto Institute), edited by Károly Ákos and translated by Peter Szoke. It was the first one in English.This is not a very well known text and why it was produced I do not know, but perhaps there is a clue in the introduction by Hári Maria. She had read papers at meetings and conferences in the West since the 1960s and might have felt that she had not been fully understood. In the introduction she says:

The understanding of conductive pedagogy, just like that of many other disciplines, is often impeded by the enforcement of inadequate notions…The following papers are modest initiatives aimed at the clarification of the ideas of conductive pedagogy. The individual topics have been selected with regard to the aspects most frequently encountered according to experience…Our only objective is to promote the understanding of conductive pedagogy.


The notions of conductive pedagogy Introduction… Maria HáriThe application efficiency of conductive pedagogy…Maria HáriThe idea of learning in conductive pedagogy…Maria Hári

Didactics in conductive pedagogy…F.Székely

Relation of learning to teaching in conductive pedagogy…J. Pancsovay

The importance of playing in conductive pedagogy…F. Székely

Nursing activity of the conductive pedagogic network…Maria Hári

Therapy or teaching? A discussion on rehabilitation

The rehabilitation of motor disorder patients in statistics

The unity of theory and practice in the training of conductors…Maria Hári

A number of photos are included along with a short bibliography.

As to availability, I am not sure, but suggest that contacting the Peto Institute would be the best way of obtaining it as they may still have some copies for sale.

Several copies are in the National Library of Conductive Education.