Dealing with change

It has never been easy to establish, promote and provide Conductive Education and it is not likely to get easier in the current situation. Daily we read and hear about the collapse of companies and the consequent redundancies. Conductive Education may not be exempt from this.

I have just read a book recommended by a friend. Bearing in mind that the current financial situation means the world as we know it is changing and we all have to change with it, I thought I would pass the details on for those who may be interested.

Who Moved My Cheese? intends to show the reader ‘an amazing way to deal with change in your work and in your life’.

Not being one for self help books I approached this with some reluctance, but now think it is worth a read particularly as it is short and easy to understand.

Written by an American well known for writing The One Minute Manager, it intends to help you deal with difficult changes in your life, taking the situation seriously, but not yourself. Perhaps this is something we all forget, especially at difficult times, and we may need all the help we can get to battle through. I am sure that most of us will see the contents of this book as common sense, but I think sometimes we need the obvious to be pointed out.


Johnson, S. (1998) Who moved my cheese? London: Vermillion.