Pointing the way? Presentations at conferences

Over the years some papers at conferences have gradually changed from being written papers traditionally read out, into Powerpoint presentations. The main bullet points of the topic are on slides shown on a screen and these are expanded on verbally by the presenter. This means that there is no real record of what was said except the slides of the presentation (if kept and circulated) and thus details of many accounts of research, practice etc are technically lost.

Whilst looking for material to add to the virtual catalogue,  I have found a number of Powerpoint presentations concerning Conductive Education on the Internet and now there are 17 of these in the catalogue. I do wonder how useful these could be to those who were not there when they were presented and  would welcome your feedback .

Do you think the limited information included is helpful?

Is knowing who talked about what useful?

Is it a good idea to continue adding new ones to the catalogue?

These are the latest ones I have found, all from the CEPEG conference in March 2015.

MSA – facts and experiences
Annamaria Berger

Conductor assistant; experiences and journey
Becky Griffiths

The characteristics of effective learning in the conductive early years setting
Julie Watts and Becca Shirley

“Look, listen and do!” What can we do to prepare and complement Conductive Education work?
Kristina Balogh and Petra Szabo

Multiculturalism at work
Zsoka Magyarszeky

Coaching and mentoring
Rachel Smith

How many plinths can you fit in an Astra? CE in Bristol so far
Natalie Ibarguen-Sanchez and Hannah Hughes

Help me explore it; incorporating sensory strategies into conductive principles
Eszter Fortagh
Conductive praxis, who’s teaching whom?
Amanda Dorter

Look them up in the catalogue – insert powerpoint in the ‘media type’ box – then click on the little magnifying glass next to each entry in the list you get, and see what you think!