Copyright ignored again?

Yesterday I received a Google Alert for Conductive Education which appears to be a video produced by the Foundation for Conductive Education.

Over the years a number of such promotional films were made and if I remember those correctly this particular upload seems to be a bit of a cut and paste job from more than one.  There is no mention of any production date that I can find.

This film was uploaded by ‘Pearley Franc’ and  on going to the home page of the website I can find no information about this person just links to other films that have been uploaded. None of these appear to have any link with Conductive Education and I can find no Pearley Franc on Facebook .

The website  appears to be a facility that you can join up to and use to upload videos of your choice and is based in Paris.

Perhaps the Foundation knows about this and has given permission to use its films but there is no mention or acknowledgment to say so.

Copyright is something which seems to get ignored on the Internet as many people appear to think that anything published on the Web is up for grabs and  are happy to cut and paste to their hearts content from websites, documents and films. Perhaps those who hold copyright to their material should try and monitor it a bit more and at the very least require acknowledgment of their work.

What happened next – nothing!

Last Wednesday I sent an email to the address that was posted in a comment made on my  last blog posting re the  appropriation of my Conductive Education centre lists and postings.
I have not had a reply yet, either to say she is not the person running the Conductive Education World Hungary blog, or to say that she is.
I cannot contact her via the Conductive Education World Hungary blog as clicking on the ‘contact’ tag brings me a pop up saying my computer is not set up to use it – I don’t have Microsoft Office or Microsoft Express email. Perhaps that is why.
Very disappointing as I was hoping to hear something and respond accordingly.
Whoever you are, please do get in touch.

Conductive Education World Hungary – Flattery,cheek – or something else ?

This morning seemed just like any other before I switched my computer on and linked to Conductive World to catch up with Andrew’s postings. What I found there has left me a little nonplussed and needless to say very surprised, as well as a little angry, disheartened, disappointed  –  and also curious.

The blog mentioned  Conductive Education World Hungary  at

contains a lot of material from my blog which has taken considerable time and effort (and knowledge) over the years to compile. Whilst I am more than happy for people to make use of it in whatever way suits them, I would have expected,  or even just hoped, that some acknowledgment would have been made on where the information came from.

Why hasn’t it?
Why has it been posted in such a jumbled mess, no organisation at all?
Who has done this?
More to the point why has it been ‘pirated’ at all? A simple link to my blog would have been much easier and simpler to do.
Strangely enough Andrew and I had a conversation about plagarism only yesterday afternoon and agreed that as individuals  there is little one can do to stop it, with acceptance and resignation  all that is open to us. Copyright laws are too complicated and trying to implement them is a very expensive business. Universities, colleges and schools can penalise students for so doing, whenever they are spotted, but I (and anyone else whose work is used in this way) have no such options.
Come on konduktorba, let us know who you are and why you have done this!
 In doing this you are only cheating  yourself and as we have seen elsewhere cheats are usually found out in the end.