Some Photos Taken at the Peto Institute

A posting on Facebook today led me to a collection of 49 black and white photos taken of children and conductors at the Peto Institute.

These are not dated but look to me like they were probably taken in the 1990s, and how they came to be taken  is not stated.

The photographer, Stuart Freedman, started taking photos professionally in 1991 and is now a celebrated photographer worldwide covering a wide variety of topics and events.



Snap! Taking a good photo

I have been sent the link to a website of a photographer offering advice on taking good pictures. We all want to record our children at the various stages in their development and this site, full of fun,  is worth looking at to get good tips for this. Taking pictures in CE sessions is also an art in itself to make sure all is recorded accurately, clearly and usefully. Having plenty to select the best examples of good posture and position in the group to put up on the web  is paramount.  There are some pictures up about CE  at

Perhaps this could help there too.

Unfortunately,I cannot find the name of the photographer responsible for this site.

Photographs of Conductive Education go on show

Is this a first?I have just read a news report of an exhibition of photographs taken by professionals at a Conductive Education centre in the UK.

 The Megan Baker House Photographic Exhibition opened in Worcester Cathedral yesterday with photos of the participants and their families taken during sessions at the Centre. It will remain there until Sunday 21 March.

It is hoped that the exhibition may move to other venues.

I am not aware of any other such ventures, so please let me know if there are any, or have been any.

Photos taken in the Pető Institute

I was sent a link to some photos on the Internet which I thought I would mention on this blog.Conductive Education centres all over the world have posted pictures on their websites illustrating their work with children, but these are very different. They are black and white, not colour, and carefully shot so they are more like works of art in their lighting and composition. Very interesting.

Click on the following link to see these forty-nine photos taken by Stuart Freedman of children in the Pető Institute, that have been posted as a slideshow. They are not dated and include a number of pictures of a British boy, Joe Pallot.

Stuart Freedman, is a photographer who has worked around the world from Afghanistan to Sierre Leone, and been published in der Spiegel, Paris Match and Newsweek. More information and other examples of his pictures can be found at