Writing about Conductive Education

I have written many times about the need to write about Conductive Education to explain, educate and discuss the subject. It is particularly important for conductors to do so and this week I discovered that a recently qualified British Conductor, Ceri Winfield has been attempting this via her blog on the website for her services, Conductive Care.


Ceri graduated and qualified as a conductor in 2015 via the National Institute of Conductive Education,with a first class honours degree and the Brian Fraser Prize for Conductive Pedagogy. She has been providing services near Fareham, Hampshire since then and has been writing on her blog since May 2016.

Postings are short but succinct and should be of interest to those wishing to know about Conductive Education, providing a good introduction.

Let’s hope others will follow suit.

What is Conductive Education?

Today I received a Google Alert for Conductive Education which led me to a piece on CE produced by a legal firm in the US.
This is quite a long explanation of Conductive Education written in question and answer format for parents. It started well by saying that CE was not a therapy or a treatment as so many of such pieces do, what CE can do, how it is carried out by trained conductors, for example, but  went on to make  the common mistake of listing the five principles as the  basis of CE.
It seems to include many of the factors you would find if you did a search on the Internet to find out what CE is, and there are a large variety of explanations available to choose from. Some okay, most not terribly good and some downright inaccurate.
Have a look and see what you think.

New additions in New Conductive Education Library catalogue

A number of new additions have been made to the Conductive Education overview section in the New Conductive Education Library today.


I am discovering material in a variety of languages now, so these include items in in English, German and Finnish.

I hope to add more and would like to ask as I usually do, that you send me information and links to any papers, articles etc that are still not included.