News from New Zealand

The latest newsletter, March 2012,  from the New Zealand Foundation for Conductive Education is now up on their website and also on

As usual it contains information about the Foundation’s activities, reports from the CE centres and what is going on on Conductive Education. It is good to see that conductors are very involved in the running of the organisation as well as doing their ‘day jobs’ .
Also included is information about the CE Awareness Week due to start on 21st May.  I wish them good luck!

Conductive Education Newsletters

A number of centres and organisations now produce a newsletter for their users, staff and friends to keep them up to date with such things as progress of the children, fundraising events, staff changes and general development. These do not usually include information about other CE services and organisations unless there is some connection recently created or visits made, but concentrate on the local progress, activities and financial contributions. 

Initially such publications were circulated on paper by hand or via the post, but are now mainly uploaded on to the organisation’s website, thus gaining a much wider audience.

I have managed to compile the following list and would be grateful for details of any I have missed, so I can update it.

North America

Conductive Learning Center, Aquinas [This newsletter is now available to members only]
A Child Can Do All Things This newsletter needs signing up for and is sent by email


March of Dimes

Movement Centre, Manitoba
NACE (South Australia)
Conductive Education Centre (Western Australia)
Auckland Conductive Education Foundation

New Zealand Foundation for Conductive Education

Addington School New Zealand
Association Noemi
Honorine Leve Toi


Megan Baker House
In Hebrew and English
The Ranger Foundation, Mauritius