New Zealand Foundation for Conductive Education

Conductive Education Newsletters

Every now and again I get sent the latest newsletter from a CE organisation which helps keep me up to date.

I had one from the New Zealand Foundation for Conductive Education recently and as always this was full of information about developments in New Zealand. This can be seen at

A few days ago I received the latest newsletter from ACENA  and this can be found at–Winter-2014.html?soid=1115767549498&aid=tybPmT-7f4o

The format of this has been updated  and includes  an overview of training courses in Conductive Education, report on the World Congress and a report on the status of Conductive Education in North America.

Access to all previous newsletters is also available.

If you produce a newsletter, please do let me know and send me a copy and then I post an up to date list here on the blog..


News from New Zealand

The latest newsletter, March 2012,  from the New Zealand Foundation for Conductive Education is now up on their website and also on

As usual it contains information about the Foundation’s activities, reports from the CE centres and what is going on on Conductive Education. It is good to see that conductors are very involved in the running of the organisation as well as doing their ‘day jobs’ .
Also included is information about the CE Awareness Week due to start on 21st May.  I wish them good luck!