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Announcement of Interesting National Seminar in London

I have received notification of a seminar in London on 27 November which should be of interest to parents and professionals working with babies and young children. The following was sent to me :

This Interconnections seminar in London on Thursday 27th November 2009 is for multi-disciplinary practitioners and managers who support babies and young children who need ongoing multiple interventions and their families. We will address the questions:

Do we offer some vulnerable infants
too many practitioners?
Do we give some infants too many separate therapy
and education programmes?
Should we assess the infant’s emotional, social
and psychological readiness before asking him or her to relate to so many

As seminar facilitator, [Peter Limbrick] will argue that it is not always appropriate to assume that ‘multiple’ disability needs ‘multiple’ practitioners. The Team Around the Child model will be offered as the forum for creative solutions when a baby or pre-school child is being overloaded.
The venue is

Friends Meeting House near Euston Station and the cost varies between £75 and £120. There are free places for parents.

For more information and booking form please contact Peter Limbrick, Interconnections – the home of Team Around the Child. Tel: 01497 831550 E-mail: Web: