Reviews of the documentary – When a mother’s love is not enough

The documentary was broadcast last night and unfortunately I was not able to watch it and have not tried the Internet yet. Others did see it and a number of reviews have appeared in the media.

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When a mother’s love is not enough

This the title of a documentary on BBC1 television on Tuesday 10 November at 10.35pm and should be of interest to all those with disabled children as it presents it as it is. Rosa Monkton (best known for being a friend of Princess Diana) has a daughter with Down’s syndrome and in this film she meets and interviews other families struggling to raise a disabled child.In the Radio Times it says:


The emphasis here is deliberately – and courageously -on the hardships that come with caring for disabled children rather than the joys…All the parents – including Monckton – and able-bodied siblings talk freely about their lowest points. Some even admit to thinking about harming their children. It’s not easy to watch as families battle to keep it together and prepare for a difficult future.


On Tuesday morning there will be a piece about this on BBC1Breakfast News (between 8.15am and 9.15am) as Julie Evett, a parent who appears in the film and Rosa Monckton are interviewed.

The documentary should be accessible via the BBC’s website for those unable to watch it on television