More information about Casablanca

I have just discovered some more information about the venture in Morocco.

This article in Hungarian reports that  MOIRA, a CE organisation set up in Hungary in 1987  is involved in the project. It has introduced CE services all over the world since 1991  and further information about it can be found at

News of a centre in Casablanca, Morrocco

I have just read about a new centre for children with disabilities in Morocco.

This centre of the Association of Moroccan BMI, is offering a variety of therapies/systems, including Conductive Education for children with cerebral palsy and has been operating since January this year. Hungarian conductors have been introducing Conductive Education to fifty children and the members of the Association have been learning all about it.
I have not been able to track down more information, such as a website and ask anyone who knows more to let me know and I will include all the information on my CE Centre list.

It is good to see new ventures starting up in these difficult times and I hope this one will be successful.