Mária Hári

New book published in celebration of Mária Hári and her work

I am pleased to say that a book to celebrate Dr Mária Hári, entitled Emlékkönyv. Dr. Hári Mária 1923–2001 has been published recently by the András Pető College.

The volume was compiled by two former senior staff  members,  Dr Erzsébet Balogh and Dr Júlia Horváth, and edited by Dr István Kollega Tarsoly, head of the College’s library which is  named after Mária Hári.

There was an event to launch this book on 30 June at the College and the announcement stated:

The book will be formally introduced to the public on 30th June 2015 from 11 a.m. in the Villányi Street building of the András Pető College.The opening address of the festive event will  be delivered by Dr Franz Schaffhauser,  the rector of the College. Then Dr Éva Feketéné Szabó, college professor, director of the Institute of Conductive Pedagogy will recite her memories of Mária Hári. Finally the book will be presented by the renowned psychologist Dr Tamás Vekerdy.


I was unable to go to the launch, but Susie Mallett did and she has ordered a copy for me which is terrific. It should arrive in the post shortly.

Andrew Sutton was sent a copy, as two pieces that he had written about Hári have been included, and he has lent it to me. The book is a fine collection of detail about Mária Hári, her life and her work, with many photos, in black and white and colour. Some of these pictures have notes of place, event and date, but many do not. This is very disappointing but sometimes it can be impossible to find accurate information.

The text is in Hungarian and English  arranged in parallel, side by side.

I was interested to see one chapter in particular. Margit Balogh, the recently retired Librarian of the College, has written  about the Library.  She records details of the history, establishment, and development of the library including the combining of Pető’s personal collection with that of the Institute, all done with Mária Hári’s help and support. The aim of this library, is like all libraries’, to provide information about Conductive Education to scholars, students and all interested parties. No statistics of use are provided.

The book is now for sale at 4,000 forints and can be purchased via the Library konyvtar@peto.hu.

Balogh, E. and  Horváth, Dezsőné, comp.(2015)  Emlékkönyv. Dr. Hári Mária 1923–2001 .Edited by Istvan Kollega Tarsoly. Budapest:  Pető András Főiskola.