Some sad news today

Today I heard about the death of Margit Balogh, former Librarian at the Peto Institute, from cancer.

She became Librarian of the Institute in 1992 and brought new life and systems to the  Institute’s collection. In a chapter written for the recent book on Dr Hári (Balogh and Dezsőné, 2014) she describes her work there under the watchful, interested eye of Mária Hári, who encouraged her  to update the procedures, re-organise the stock, and develop the use of computers,  making its holdings  more accessible.

Margit also edited the book Mária Hári and her conductive education in 2007.

In 1993 I visited the Institute and met with Margit.  We communicated through an interpreter as I knew no Hungarian and she no English, but it was an interesting meeting as we talked about the unique sources on Conductive Education held in the Institute and the beginnings of the Library I was establishing for the Foundation for Conductive Education in England.

Margit did retire some years ago but today’s users of the Library owe her a large debt for all she did for the collection, and Conductive Education.

Today is a very sad day.


Balogh, E and Horváth Dezsőné, (2014) Emlékkönyv, Hári, Mária 1923-2001. Budapest: Pető András Főiskola


Information, information everywhere

To me, one of the most important parts of being a Librarian has always meant helping people to find the information they want, either from the library they are in or from another source using skills learnt  to search the resources available.

Since the advent of the Internet  and the World Wide Web everything has changed. There is so much information available it is difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Yesterday I was sent this link which reports on an example of the new skills that Librarians have to learn now and how these can be shared.

The librarian says:

…it’s no longer a question of there not being enough information out there, but of there being too much. “There’s more filtering in the librarian’s job now,….People need help discerning good solid sources from the rest.”

The report goes on to describe a group tutorial of searching for information and sorting out what is appropriate and what is not, lead by a librarian. All involved were very pleased with the results.

I am not sure how much of this sort of help is available to those studying and researching Conductive Education. It is not a subject with much academic interest or publication and most of what is available on-line is not of the best quality.

Meeting users’ needs was an  aspect that I really enjoyed when I was working as a librarian in Conductive Education and my knowledge of the library holdings and methods of searching usually bore the right fruit.

I hope that I can still do this with my knowledge of the subject,  limited physical resources, the virtual library catalogue, and connection to the Internet.

Libraries can be ‘useful’, I see!

In the lead up to the UK General Election all sorts of statements and photos are being used to convince us to vote for certain parties and policies.

Yesterday one candidate was shown to have falsified the photo of himself in front of his library at the launch of his party’s manifesto.

Some of the shelves of books had been duplicated in the photo to make the library look more extensive.


You couldn’t make it up.

No further comment needed here  I am sure!


Rare books lost forever in fire

I received information from two friends yesterday about a terrible fire in one of Russia’s university libraries.

The blaze, which started on Friday and was still not completely out on Saturday evening, ravaged 2,000 square metres (21,500 square feet) of the Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences (INION) in Moscow, which was created in 1918 and holds 10 million documents with some dating back to the 16th century

It is believed that up to a million rare documents may have been destroyed and much of the damage was caused by the water in the  firefighting.  A major calamity, not just for Russia, but the world too. Fortunately no-one was injured.

It is a stark reminder of how vulnerable libraries are, how easy it can be for disaster to strike, and how important the printed book still is. Librarians are just custodians of collections for future generations, keeping them as safe as possible against fire, water and theft and often feel  their libraries are as important as a member of the family to them. Those working in this Library must be devastated.

I remember that not so long ago there was a fire at the Foundation for Conductive Education in Cannon Hill House which started with a faulty light fitting in the Library, and the Fire Brigade was called out. Fortunately no damage was done to the stock, and only a little to the walls etc.  What a lucky escape! There is much in that Library that is irreplaceable, not available elsewhere.


Keeping the Virtual Catalogue up to date

The Internet is ever-changing and items go up, items are taken down and sometimes items are moved to a new location. This means that the virtual catalogue is not always 100% accurate, though every effort is made to keep it up to date.

Today I was informed that one of the links in the catalogue is no longer working and after checking I have discovered that now the item is no longer available. This means that there is no longer information on the internet about the proposed new Conductive Education degree at  Evangelische Hochschule, Nürnberg, due to start in September 2015. Consequently, this item has now been deleted from the catalogue.

All that left about this course is a news item on the German Conductors’ Association with a link to a PDF summarising its contents over seven semesters:!/show/5/studiengang-heilpaedagogik-konduktive-paedagogik-ab-2015-in-nuernberg/

If you come across any links that are broken or do not lead anywhere, I would be grateful if you would please let me know so I can investigate and check if it has moved or is no longer available.

Your help is needed  to make sure the catalogue is as up to date as possible, as I cannot do it all on my own.

More entries in the Virtual Conductive Education Library catalogue

Another collection of items entered into the Virtual Library catalogue this month. Its the usual mixed bag of articles, reports, inspections various languages.

Full references with URLs can be found at

Developing stroke care for adults in the community: rehabilitation through Conductive Education
Foundation for Conductive Education
Research report

The effectiveness of 10 weeks Conductive Education on postural sway and movement quality in Parkinson’s Disease patients.
Advert for Masters by Research Studentship

Free for all? Processes of change in health care provision in Hungary from 1987-2002
[Conductive Education covered on p216, 311-12]

Konduktive Förderung für Kinder und Jugendliche mit Zerebralparese

Evaluating an integrated approach to the management of cerebral palsy. Vol I.
Research report

Evaluating an integrated approach to the management of cerebral palsy. Vol II. Appendix A. IMCP documentation handbook
L.Heal, and others
Research report

Evaluating an integrated approach to the management of cerebral palsy. Appendix B: Field test report of the Eau Claire Functional Abilities Test and the Wolfe-Bluel Socialization Inventory. Volume III of IV. Final report.
Abstract only
L. Heal
Research report

Evaluating an integrated approach to the management of cerebral palsy. Vol IV. Appendix C. An analysis of the evaluation and follow up date from the Institute for Movement Therapy, Budapest, Hungary
Research report

The London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy; independent school standard inspection report

Course guide: Conductive Education 2008/2009
Wolverhampton University
pdf document

Konduktive Förderung in der Stiftung Pfennigparade, München
G. Schmidt and R. Orter
Research report
















New Additions to the Virtual Library Catalogue

Another 19 items have been added to the catalogue making a total of 484 entries.

Included this time is a good mixture of journal articles, a book review, website articles, conference papers, school reports and newspaper articles.

Parental experience of participation in physical therapy for children with physical disabilities
Jansen, L., and others
Journal article

Researching Conductive Education
Schenker, R. and Sutton, A.
Letter to journal

The role of the family in intervention of infants at high risk of cerebral palsy: a systematic analysis
Dirks, T. and Hadders-Algra, M.
Journal article

Articles of Association
European Conductive Association (ECA)
Website document

Role of Conductive Education on gait in hemiplegic cerebral palsy
Khaled A. Olama and Hala I. Kassem
Journal article

Conductive education approaches to cerebral palsy.
D. Patriquin
Journal article (Awaiting info – no URL)

The professional profile of the conductor practising in New Zealand
New Zealand Conductors’ Association
Website document

Professional profile; the conductor
European Conductive Association
Website document
Rating report: [Tsad Kadima]

An insight into Conductive Education
M. Brown
Journal article

Adapting Conductive Education in Canada
pdf document

Conductive Education
Northern Ireland Assembly
Private Members Business Assembly Debate

Paces High Green School for Conductive Education; school report

How has Conductive Education helped your child?
Discussion Forum postings

Conductive Education helps disabled stand taller, muscles, music and motivation
Newspaper article

Conductive education, young children, motor disorder and good practice.
Journal article

Enigmatic ‘miracle man’ helped the ‘incurable’
Book review

Conductive Education evaluated: future directions
L French and A. Nommensen
Journal article

UK 2000: tectonic shift
A. Sutton
Conference paper

Success with the Pető Institute catalogue

Bea Toth has kindly put me right about this and I have now been successful in doing an author search.

Before  entering another name, I needed to end each session of searching, not just delete the name in the search box, then  go back to browse and then insert  Pető, András rather than András Pető and I then got the three records up.

I will now explore other options of searching the catalogue  and see how I get on.

Perhaps there are notes to help with searching but I haven’t managed to find them yet.


Pető Institute library catalogue online

I have just been sent some links to what looks like a new version of the catalogue of the Hári Mária Library and Regional Source Centre at the Pető Institute, available online since 7 February.


It is now possible to search the catalogue either in English at

0r in Hungarian at


There are useful tips on how to search.

I have had a quick look at what is entered in the catalogue and was surprised to find that I could find nothing by András Pető himself.


I believe the library is open to all, so suggest you contact the Librarian (I am not sure if Beata Toth has been replaced) at if you have any queries or wish to access the material.


Pető Institute library news

Last week the librarian at the Pető  Institute left. I do not know if someone else is now in post, but I do hope that another professional has taken over the reins.

Over the past few years Beata and I have occasionally contacted each other for help and information and I have always found her very professional, knowledgable and willing to help.

There are very few people that I am in contact with who ‘know’ the literature of Conductive Education, and  I will miss knowing she is there, but wish her all the best for the future.