Last year in Hong Kong

Hong Kong hiccups cured

After posting  about the publication of Conductive Education Press’ latest book , Last year in Hong Kong we discovered there were some  problems which meant copies could not be ordered.

This has now been rectified and you are now able to order copies from Blurb at

Please do let us know what you think of it. All comments welcome!

New book On Conductive Education just published

 Last Year in Hong Kong; four presentations made to the 7th World Congress for Conductive Education, Hong,Kong, December 2010. 

Andrew Sutton
Conductive Education Press, December 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9569948-3-7

A brief introduction on the back cover reads:

In December 2010 the Seventh World Conductive Education Congress was organised by SAHK in Hong Kong. The theme of the Congress was ‘ East meets West: adaptation and development’.
Starting in Hong Kong but now across mainland China, ‘Oriental Conductive Education’ is making enormous, vigorous strides, not simply in terms of the numbers of children (and adults) and their families served, but also in research studies undertaken and apparent official and professional approval. Most significantly, this appears to be developing along a separate line from that of ‘Western Conductive Education’.
This progress may have important lessons and implications not just for the future development of Conductive Education in the West but also for its further adaptation to the needs of the South
Andrew Sutton made four contributions to this conference, gathered together here in this single publication. In the Foreword, Ivan Su Yuen-Wang, Corporate Programme Coordinator, SAHK writes
‘This Congress might have provoked controversy if those disposed to believe that there exists a new face of Conductive Education might have taken issue with others who think otherwise. We have to remember that change is not always easy. Time must elapse, to soften the animosities and deaden inertia. I recognise Andrew’s creative intention to give balance to his views on Conductive Education in the 21st century by including the ‘China perspective’. Throughout, he has discussed what has been accomplished in the West, what has been done in the East, and what in his opinion should be done in the future. I cannot overemphasise the great importance of the forward-looking pragmatic aspect of his views, with its gems for bringing prosperity to the world of Conductive Education.’

This new book is now available  for £8.00 plus postage and packing from  Blurb at