Judit Szathmary

Air, food, experience and Conductive Education

Today a very interesting, personal piece written by Judit Szathmary, a very experienced conductor and service provider, has gone up on Facebook . It is the November issue of her Digest  and she gives the link from her website for technical reasons.

She writes about air, food and experience and how these things interact with, and are part of, Conductive Education. Do read it and see life from a different perspective.


Judit’s Hungarian book about Conductive Education

I have seen today a note on Judit Szathmary’s blog about a book on Conductive Education in Hungarian:
Hári Mária, Székely Ily (1963)  Bevezeto A Konduktiv Mozgaspedagogiaba; Pető András eloadasai es gyakorlati bemutatoi alapjan. Gyogypedagogiai Tanarkepzo Foiskola, Budapest: Tankonyvkiado.
Judit has a copy given to her by Ester Cotton, who had had the book signed by Maria Hari , making it a very special item  of CE literature.
I remember this book, as it was held in the National Library of Conductive Education whilst I was there.
If anyone wishes to look at it I suggest they contact the National Institute of Conductive Education in Birmingham or perhaps Judit,  via her blog at