Any recent journal articles on Conductive Education ?

I have been doing a little hunt round to see how many journal articles on Conductive Education have been published in the last five years. I did this once before, when I  found five articles of note, see


This time my search revealed more, as you can see below:

KELEMEN, A., and others (2013) In vitro fertilization and cerebral palsy; the Pető Institute experience. Practice and Theory in Systems of Education, 8 (3), pp.231-238.

NOVAK, I., and others (2013) A systematic review of interventions for children with cerebral palsy: state of the evidence. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, 55(10), October, pp. 885–910.

HERSKIND, A., and others (2014) Early identification and intervention in cerebral palsy. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, 57(1), January, pp. 29–36.

HORVÁTHNÉ, K. S.,and others (2014) Doktori kutátosok a Pető intézetben [Doctoral studies at the Pető Institute] Iskolakultura,12(4) pp. 20-34

SCHENKER, R. and SUTTON, A.  (2014) Researching Conductive Education. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, 56(4), April, pp.402-403.

ABBASKHANIAN, A., and others (2015) Rehabilitation interventions for children with cerebral palsy: a systematic review. Journal of Pediatrics Review, January; 3(1):e361. DOI: 10.5812/jpr.361 Published online, 20 January 2015.

ORAVECZ, A. (2015) A Pető Intézet Integrációt segítő mindennapos tevékenysége itthon és külföldön. Különleges Bánásmód, I(4), pp., 49-64

BEK, J., and others (2016) Conductive Education as a method of stroke rehabilitation: a single blinded randomised controlled feasibility study. Stroke Research and Treatment, Published online 2016 Jun 23. doi:  10.1155/2016/5391598

SCHENKER, R., and others (2016) Is a family-centred initiative a family-centred service? A case of a Conductive Education setting for children with cerebral palsy. Child care health and development, (42) 6, November, pp. 909–917. [Abstract only]

2016 also brought the publication of a new online journal by the PAF, Tudomány és hivatás, producing two issues so far

It is worth noting that the two systematic  reviews  only referred to CE briefly, concentrating on other systems.

All items are entered in the Virtual catalogue.

Conference this Saturday 8 March in London

This weekend the annual conference of CEPEG will take place in London at Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium from 9.30 – 4.30.

Details are a little sparse but can be found at

This is the 8th of such conferences.

On Friday evening there is a reception from 5-8pm at ‘our London centre’ which I assume is the London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy as further details are up on the centre’s website at

New journal news

On looking around the CEPEG website I noticed that the hoped for new journal of Conductive Education is not ready for publication,  but articles will be uploaded on to the website in the meantime.

Producing a journal is not easy, as I know after editing and producing  Recent Advances in Conductive Education for eight years from  December 2001 –  August 2009.

Recent articles on Conductive Education in journals

Today on Facebook I saw a note by Andrew Sutton that a new article on Conductive Education had been published in an academic journal so I followed the link given and it is now in the Virtual Library’s catalogue on  Conduction’s website. (see below)

Andrew also asked when there had last been an article on Conductive Education published in a journal.
 Recent Advances in Conductive Education which aimed to encourage reports of developments worldwide and  spread information about the practice of Conductive Education ceased publication in 2008 and no other journal devoted to the subject exists.
There have been numerous ephemeral reports in newspapers and magazines recently but those in academic journals that I am aware of are:

one in 2008, by Brittle and others on adults in Clinical Rehabilitation

and three in 2010 :
The first in Physiothrapy and Practice by Effgen and Chan on children and gross motor behaviors

and another in the Israeli Journal of Occupational Therapy. a comparative study by Schenker and others

and an evaluation by Tuersley-Dixon and Frederiskson  in Educational Psychology and Practice at

Now we have the first for 2012 by Lotan and others in Developmental Neurorehabilitation  at

All these items are entered in the Virtual library catalogue. Not many, but more than I thought. If I have missed any, please let me know.

Articles often come from academic institutions where there is encouragement to publish, or as a result of research, and I wonder how many such projects are yet to be written up and published. If you know of any, again, please let me know.

Final issue of RACE journal now available

When the journal, Recent Advances in Conductive Education, edited by Andrew Sutton and myself, was started in 2001, it aimed to publish original research and facilitate continuing professional development for conductors and everyone with a concern for Conductive Education worldwide. Over the last eight years it has strived to do this.
As it has become more difficult to obtain material for publication and the practicalities of putting an issue together more arduous, it was decided, reluctantly, to finish the run with volume 7 number 2. A detailed explanation of this decision is given in the editorial of this last issue.

This has now been published. It was due out in December 2008 but due to unforeseen circumstances, has been delayed until now.

The final formatting and technical production was completed by Elliot Clifton, and Andrew and I went into the National Institute of Conductive Education (as it was open on Friday morning) and copied, stapled and finished the production process. All those with subscriptions should receive their copy shortly.

The contents consist of an editorial, two articles and two book reviews as follows:



Reflections upon conductive upbringing A pedagogic essay – Susie Mallett

Abstract: In the English-speaking world since the late nineteen-sixties, the term ‘Conductive Education’ has largely displaced the concept of ‘conductive upbringing’ (English translation of the system’s Hungarian name), with unknown effects upon how this work is perceived. Drawing from her personal experience as a trainee-conductor at the Peto Institute in Budapest, at the start of the nineties, the author describes the total conductive upbringing that Hungarian children and conductors shared there, the children being brought up by conductors largely apart from their families. Foreign children experienced a different, less total regime that parents soon sought to export home. Drawing then upon her subsequent, experience, working as a conductor in Germany, she presents the principles of her goals on developing her own practice for conductive upbringing, as total as what she knew at the Peto Institute but family-based rather that institutional. Three case studies describe a to-date eleven-year involvement with one family of a child with cerebral palsy and a much shorter, intervention, of one year, with another. In the third, the term ‘conductive lifestyle’ is suggested as more appropriate than ‘upbringing’ when speaking of adult work, and a to-date twelve-year involvement with the life of a lady who has had a stroke is described.

Management report: Conductive Education programs in North America – David C. Dvorak

Abstract: Development of Conductive Education services across North America has been driven by parents of children with motor disorders seeking to establish Conductive Education programs local to their homes. During 2006-7, some fifty programs were found in various listings. Only thirty were found to be operational, twenty-five of which responded to brief enquiry on the management challenges that they experienced. Center administrators’ responses clustered mainly in five areas, finance, conductors, overall management, leadership and marketing/publicity. Respondents also offered suggestions as to how these issues might be addressed, helping in the creation of a Management Report on Conductive Education Programs in North America.


Eva Beck – Feladatsorok a konduktív nevelésben – reviewed by Tunde Rozsahegyi

Nia Wyn – Blue Sky July – reviewed by Gayle Westcott

The end of something is always a mixture of sadness and celebration and the three of us involved in the journal over the years feel both in equal measure. Sad that its the last issue, and pleased to have finally completed it. I would like to convey the editors’ appreciation and thanks to Elliot who helped so much in a voluntary capacity with all the technical bits we did not understand.

Perhaps the journal may be restarted in the future or replaced by another publication – we shall have to wait and see.

Anyone interested in purchasing a copy of this issue or any of the previous issues, should contact Melanie Brown at the Foundation for Conductive Education