Getting a job in Conductive Education

This week I had an email from a conductor asking for my help in contacting someone about a job. Apparently she had written six times and had no response.
I did pass her message on to the organisation concerned and discovered that the conductor was not replying to an advert for a specified post but had been writing in the hope that there was a job, just waiting for her,  in the country she wanted to work in.
This made me realise that there could be different ways of approaching employment according to the seeker’s nationality, experience – and of course, hope. The usual way for most people is to reply to an advert or find out via the grapevine that there is a job vacancy.
Anyone wishing to find a job of any kind  in Conductive Education  or publish a vacancy, should look at


Informal approaches may not always be replied to if there is no vacant post available, but most people would respond to any approach about employment if it is possible, if they are not snowed under with other things, and if it is written in an appropriate way, including relevant information about qualifications, experience etc.  Other factors may also affect availability and responses, for example, ease of obtaining a work visa for a conductor may not be easy in these hard financial times, especially if a husband/wife is involved.
Informal approaches may not always be replied to if there is no vacant post available, but I imagine it is still worth a try!

First of its kind? New job advertised in Australia

I have just been sent an alert about a new job advertised in Australia  for a Planning and Implementation Manager – Conductive Education, based at the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre (CPEC),  who will be involved in the production of courses at the centre, e-learning packages  and on-line course modules.
The CPEC want someone :

Coming from an education background where you have had experience developing course modules this is a role that will align your values and take this world leading programme to Australia and abroad.

Further information is available at

No mention is made of the need for knowledge or experience of Conductive Education that I could find.