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Getting a job in Conductive Education

This week I had an email from a conductor asking for my help in contacting someone about a job. Apparently she had written six times and had no response.
I did pass her message on to the organisation concerned and discovered that the conductor was not replying to an advert for a specified post but had been writing in the hope that there was a job, just waiting for her,  in the country she wanted to work in.
This made me realise that there could be different ways of approaching employment according to the seeker’s nationality, experience – and of course, hope. The usual way for most people is to reply to an advert or find out via the grapevine that there is a job vacancy.
Anyone wishing to find a job of any kind  in Conductive Education  or publish a vacancy, should look at


Informal approaches may not always be replied to if there is no vacant post available, but most people would respond to any approach about employment if it is possible, if they are not snowed under with other things, and if it is written in an appropriate way, including relevant information about qualifications, experience etc.  Other factors may also affect availability and responses, for example, ease of obtaining a work visa for a conductor may not be easy in these hard financial times, especially if a husband/wife is involved.
Informal approaches may not always be replied to if there is no vacant post available, but I imagine it is still worth a try!

Jobs for conductors

Now recovered from a nasty tummy bug which made last week very uncomfortable, I can look at the outside world again. I notice today that Andrew has mentioned a conductor job going in Spain and I have had a request to mention the conductor-teacher post still unfilled in the US.I quote:


…the need for a certified CE teacher here in the Washington , DC area. This school district is the one that has been working with Sixten’s Foundation ( and has successfully launched its pilot program last year.

This post has been advertised on the Employment center page of the new Conductive Education Communications Center website, but perhaps it needs more time to become a regular browsing page for conductors.

Also the Job Centre on the Foundation for Conductive Education’s website has been having technical problems for some time now and might not be being viewed. Another thought is that maybe in these difficult financial times, conductors are staying put rather than moving around and looking for work.

Good luck to all those looking for a job and also to those wanting to recruit.

Conductive Education in Spain

The Job Centre on the Foundation for Conductive Education’s website is still working despite some technical glitches which mean you need to keep scrolling down to reach the vacancies. There are a number of opportunities for conductors at the moment, which has to be good news in the current financial downturn.

On looking at this I see that there is a new organisation in Valencia, Spain advertising for English and Spanish speaking conductors for summer camps this year. There is a website for further information.

I am not aware of any other centres/organisations operating in Spain, since the demise of ASPACE a few years ago, but if anyone does know of any, please let me know, as I am trying to compile an up-t0-date list of centres employing conductors.

New Job Centre off to a good start

The new Job Centre set up for conductors seems to be off to a reasonable start considering the time of year.There are a number of vacancies up at the moment so if you are looking for a job or want to advertise a post , please go to

Do let me know how you get on, whether you are a conductor looking for work, or a centre looking for a conductor, as it would be interesting to know how many responses each vacancy gets.