Isle of Wight

Conductive Education on the Isle of Wight?

Whilst looking for something else on the Internet I found a reference to a collaboration between the Peto Institute and the Shen Clinic on the Isle of Wight.

This news item was written in 2008  and I had not seen it before or been aware of the proposed collaboration, or the degree level training programme.

On looking at the website of the Shen Clinic, a complementary medicine centre, I found that in 2006 the director of the clinic  was selected as a member of an E.U. research team for Health (Complementary & Alternative Medicine, Biological Medicine, Natural Medicine, Oriental Medicine) headed by Dr Gabriella Hegyi MD PhD, University of Budapest. And that :

In 2008 we were visiting guests at the world famous Peto Institute Budapest and we continue to be supporters of Conductive Education.   At that time we discussed an in-principle but favourable collaboration between the Peto Institute and The Shen Clinic.

I could find no more information, so assume that the project did not get further than discussion stage.

If anyone else knows about this I would be grateful to hear what happened and if there are any plans for the future.