Internationalising Conductive Education

New book on Conductive Education now available

Internationalising Conductive Education  edited by Andrew Sutton and Gillian Maguire.
Birmingham: Conductive Education Press
This new book on Conductive Education has just been published by Conductive Education Press
As stated on the backcover:

One group of articles in Recent Advances in Conductive Education(RACE), published across the years of the journal’s appearance, stand out as manifesting a common, coherent theme, one that has continuing relevance today. These articles may be collectively characterised as personal accounts of setting up and developing one’s own conductive practice, or service, or even system. Such determined and individual self-help, often in the face of surrounding indifference or even outright opposition, has been the base and backbone of the internationalisation of Conductive Education. In a continuously changing world, it will likely remain so. There is no other accessible written record of this process, no other collection of documents to suggest just what it takes to do this, none to offer reassurance, inspiration – and caution – to those who might wish to plough their own future furrows So, it has seemed a useful exercise to collect together these varied and needed articles into a single volume – this book.

Contributors ( in no particular order ) include Judit Szathmary, Judit Roth, Kari Hapnes, Lisa Gombinsky, Rony Schenker, Naomi Rotem, Lisa Gombinsky,  Wendy Baker, Istvan Szucs, Gemma Davy, Laura Jones, Rachael Skinner, Norman Perrin, Gabor Fellner, Márgara Millán.

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