International Research Group

Information on Conductive Education research initiative now on the Internet

A paper titled A new research agenda for Conductive Education is now available on the Internet.

The summary states:

The aim of this project was to create a research agenda, by identifying the priority topics for research in Conductive Education. The research agenda is being developed to give guidance to researchers, funding bodies and practitioners on the most important priorities for research studies. It identifies the uncertainties and unknowns that stop us providing the very best service that is possible.

A variety of possible research topics were put forward and are listed in this paper.

Appendices include a list of participants at the Newcastle Workshop at the Percy Hedley Foundation in June 2010 where the suggestion of a research agenda was initially discussed,  plus the members of the International Research Group, which met at the World Congress in Hong Kong, December 2010.
The Percy Hedley Foundation has agreed to co-ordinate and disseminate information  as the project moves forward so I assume there will more information later after some of the ideas have been put into operation.

An entry to this paper has also been made in the Virtual Library on the Conduction website  at

or just go to, select ‘virtual library’, then select ‘search option’ and enter ‘Best’ as the author and research into keyword box.