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Justin Herbst, Conductive Education graduate gives evidence to US Senate committee

Quite a few years ago I had contact with Patti Herbst when she started up the Conductive Education Center in Illinois with her husband, Chuck.. She had a son, Justin, with cerebral palsy and discovered Conductive Education which she was determined he would have. She wanted ‘independence for Justin’ and wrote about his journey in Intelligent Love, published by Conductive Education Press.

Since then the center has gone from strength to strength and so has Justin. He attended Southern Illinois University and after graduating found employment with UPS (United Parcel Services).

Yesterday I received the latest ACENA Newsletter which reported on the US Senate Committee hearing on Fufilling the Promise: Overcoming Persistent Barriers to Economic Self-sufficiency for People with Disabilities.

This hearing took place on  September 2014, and  Justin gave evidence along with several others. His presentation can be downloaded as a pdf  and watched on the video.

Justin’s achievements  are a fantastic example of what Conductive Education can do to transform lives and enable those with cerebral palsy to achieve their potential. His hard work has paid off and he is now willing to stand up for others and put the case to the US government to update its disability policies, for the Government to make sure that true independence can become a reality.

Patti and Chuck, enormously proud of their son, are still working hard to make Conductive Education  better known, and practised in the US.

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I believe there has been some confusion and miscommunication about my lists of CE Centres and the new virtual map of Conductors’ Workplaces.
The links to the lists which appeared on the sidebar of this blog, have been deleted (although the original postings are still in place), and all information contained in them has been updated and is now available via the virtual map at
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Intelligent love

Graham, J, and others, ed. (2010) Intelligent love; parents’ action for Conductive Education. Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

This is the third title to be published by Conductive Education Press, coming out in December in time for the World Congress in Hong Kong.
 I posted a blog at the time 

giving information about its contents, and it was also mentioned on Andrew Sutton’s blog.

whilst Susie Mallett has reproduced a chapter  contributed by a German family, that she translated in to English for the book, at

This book is one that we are particulary pleased with and we are sure you will understand why when you have read it. Comments are always most welcome.

Intelligent love – new book from Conductive Education Press


 Graham, J, McGuigan, C. and Maguire, G., eds. Intelligent love; parents’ action for Conductive Education.
Birmingham: Conductive Education Press.

Recovering from the trip back from Hong Kong has taken longer than I thought  but at last I am able to tell you that this book is now available.

It has taken quite a while to recruit parents, receive their contributions and prepare it for publication.We managed to get it ready to launch at the World Congress, which we did and now I feel fit enough to post on this blog about it.

 It is a collection of parents’  reports about their difficulties and efforts to obtain Conductive Education for their cerebral palsied children. These cover the years 1972-2004 and come from parents all over the world, including  Margaret and David Clifton, parents of Elliot, who does all the technical things necessary to get CEP books up on Blurb.
As stated on the back cover:
‘I could write a book’: frequently heard when parents talk about services for their cerebrally palsied children, and Conductive Education. This book is by thirteen parents and a grandmother, from Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, each contribution a testimonio in its own right.
Whatever your connection with motor disorders in children, this is a book to ignore at your peril, the first collected statement by families of disabled children, one of Conductive Education’s prime beneficiary groups and, in the Western world, its prime mover. These families’ experiences throw light upon questions of how modern societies might do things differently – and better – for children with motor disorders and their families, yet further reminder that progress for disability and for Conductive Education is born out of struggle.
Conductive Education is potentially for life – as must be any properly constituted service for those affected by chronic disabling conditions. It is not a program, an intervention, something to be done once, or now and then, or during certain hours of the day, or on certain days of the year, at a given age or in some particular place. Nor it it something that is primarily to be dispensed by a certain kind of person, a ‘conductor’ (however important conductors’ contributions might be to the process as a whole).
It is more than just pedagogy. It embraces and transforms every aspect of children’s lives, everyone and every activity involved in their upbringing, a whole new lifestyle. Conductive upbringing and a conductive lifestyle. No short order but, witness the content of this book, it can be done.

Mention of its coming was posted on Andrew’s blog at

and Leticia Kuerten, one of the contributors, has also posted on her blog  at

along with Susie Mallett at

We would like to thank all those concerned very much indeed for taking the time and trouble to put down their experiences for us.

It  is  available to order from

Please do let us know what you think of it.