Conductive Education Classic no.7

This book, the first comprehensive overview of Conductive Education in English, was written mainly because Cottam and Sutton, as working academics, needed to publish a book. Regular publications such as journal articles and books are expected of those working in the world of academe. Both having recently come across Conductive Education, and considering it an important system for those with motor disorders, it was an obvious choice for both and resulted in this collaboration.
It was published in 1986, twenty three years ago and was consciously an ‘academic book’. The publisher, Croom Helm, was an adventurous young publishing house that would take on unlikely subjects in the expectation that some at least would be runners and accepted it straight away.
It was hoped that it would attract academic interest in the project proposed by the Birmingham Group and pre-dated the Foundation for Conductive Education by nearly 12 months. In the event Standing up for Joe ( the BBC TV documentary) created a wider interest and sales of the book rode on that. The proper academic interest never really took of, but lots of parents and practitioners bought the book (though it was not really directed to them).
Sales were good for an academic book of that kind and it went to three reprints in a couple of years. In 1988, Croom Helm asked whether the authors would permit a fourth, but they declined. Two years on into the project Cottam and Sutton already knew so much more about Conductive Education , so different from what all previous people had known, that they knew it to be not just out of date, but wrong in important respects.

To quote from the back of the book:

It describes the origins and development of Conductive Education in Hungary and its derivatives in Britain and elsewhere and how the system operates in practice. The difficulties of successfully applying Conductive Education outside Hungary are considered and discussed. The book includes a bibliography of all materials published in English on this topic and assesses both the prospects and limitations of Conductive Education.

It is divided into three parts with contributions from Andrew Sutton, Philippa Cottam, Jayne Titchener and Veronica Nanton.
Part one looks at the social-historical context and the practice as observed by Andrew Sutton.
Part two covers the practice outside Hungary and discusses the suitability of Conductive Education as an approach for the physically and mentally handicapped.
Part three looks at the problems and prospects in bringing it to the West and includes a chapter on Parkinson’s disease.

A bibliography of all relevant known publications is included and many of these are still referred to today.


It wasn’t widely reviewed. Academics tended to like it. professionals less so, but numbers were too small to generalise. Copies of these reviews are available in the National Library of Conductive Education.

This book is only one academic review of the whole phenomenon and is now over twenty years out of date, but holds a very important place in the development of knowledge about Conductive Education outside of Hungary.

Cottam, P. and Sutton, A., ed. (1986) Conductive Education; a system for overcoming motor disorder. London: Croom Helm.

Standing up for Joe BBC 1, April 1988.

Adult Conductive Education services in Hungary

I have been sent an up-to-date list of adult CE services in Hungary compiled by Mátyásiné Kiss Ágnes and as promised in an earlier blog

I am posting them here. The list sent to me is in Hungarian, so please forgive any missing or wrong accents as this computer does not have the relevant software, and if I have missed any or misunderstood, do let me know.
Please note only one has a website, but all have an email address for contact.


Mozgássérült Emberek Rehabilitációs Központja
1024 Budapest Marcibányi tér 3.
Website: or

Országos Orvosi Rehabilitácios Intezet
1024 Budapest,Szanatorium u.2.


GYSG Rehabilitácios KFT

1114 Budapest, Pillango utca 12.



Bács Kiskun Megyei Önkormá nyzat Konduktív Pedagógiai Intézete és Szakszolgálata
6400 Kiskunhalas Esze Tamá s Iakó telep 6.

Bács Kiskun Megyei Önkormá nyzat Pszichiátriai és Fogyaté kos Betegek Otthona

6400 Kiskunhalas Kõ rö si ú t 16

Városi Kórház Mozgósterápia-Konduktív Pedagógia Szakambulancia

6500 Baja, Ró kus u. 10.

Önkormá nyzat Képviselõ Testület Gondozási Központ

6066 Tiszaalpár, Dózsa Gy. u.71.

Mozgásszervi Rehabilitációs Központ
3400 Mezökövesd, Fülemü le ú t 1.
Email: mrkzsory@t-online.huHeves

Markhot Ferenc Negyei Kó rhá z é s Rendelõ inté zet Mozgá sszervi Rehabilitá ció s Osztá ly
3300 Eger, Szé chenyi u.27-29.

Komárom – Esztergom

Tatabánya Többcélú Kistérségi Társulás ESZI Szent György Otthon
2834 Tarjá n, Petõ fi S. u.16.


Szent Lázár Megyei Korház Felnott Rehabilitácios Osztály
3100 Salgotarján, Fuleki u.54-56.

Email: ildus.63@vipmail.huPest

Fõvárosi Önkormányzat Idosek Otthona
2100 Gödõllö , Dózsa Gy.u.65.
Email: mailto:bibcock@citromail.huSomogy

Egészségügyi Közhasznú Társaság Rendelö Intézet
8642 Fonyód, Szent István u.27.


Veszprém Megyei Egységes Pedagógiai Szakszolgálat
8300 Tapolca, Nagykö z u.1-3.


Kanizsai Dorottya Kórház Felnött Rehabilitációs Osztálya
8800 Nagykanizsa, Szekeres Jó zsef u. 2-8.

Honvédelmi Minisztérium Állami Eü -I Kp. Hévízi Mozgásszervi Rehabilitációs Intézete
8380 Hé viz, Ady Endre u. 31.