Norman Perrin named as an honorary conductor for 2013

The World Congress of Conductive Education takes place every three years and the next one will be in October this year in Munich.


At these congresses a number of people are awarded honorary conductor status for their contributions to Conductive Education. The first group of these, announced in 1990 at the First World Congress in Budapest, included Andrew Sutton, and I was surprised to be included myself in  2010.

This year Norman Perrin, a British parent who established and runs his own centre, Paces, in Sheffield, Yorkshire has been named as honorary conductor. Norman, parent of Sarah, who has cerebral palsy, has worked tirelessly for Conductive Education since the late 1980s publicising its benefits, attending conferences and meetings, lobbying politicians,writing papers, and now his blog, whilst dealing with the day to day running of Paces.
In the past there have usually been a number of people selected, but I have looked on the Congress website, the International Pető Association website and the Pető Institute website to try and discover who this year’s might be, but without success. There is nothing there, maybe it will come later.

In the meantime, congratulations, Norman, a well deserved honour!

Birthday honour for founder of Conductive Education Centre

This year I share my birthday with Queen Elizabeth II (her official birthday, not her real one, which is in April) and though I have not received an award in her birthday honours list released today, I discover that Conductive Education has.Founder of the Rainbow Centre, Helen Somerset-Howe has been awarded an MBE for ‘her amazing work with the Rainbow Centre in Fareham’, nominated by chairwoman of the centre’s trustees. http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/newshome/Honour-for-founder-of-Rainbow.5363276.jp

A few years ago a lady involved with the PACES centre in Sheffield received a similar award, but I believe this is a first for a founder of a centre.

Congratulations, Helen.