Conductive Education classics no. 4

 Maguire, G. and Sutton, A. ed. (2004) Maria Hari on  Conductive Pedagogy. Birmingham: Foundation for  Conductive Education.
 As I have mentioned before, there are not many books on  Conductive Education and even fewer that present a clear  account of what Conductive Education actually is, how it is  practised.
This book was published in 2004 to make a number of papers  written and presented by Maria Hari over a period of thirty  years and held in the National Library of Conductive  Education, available to a wider audience.
I quote from the blurb on the back of the book:

 An edited collection of previously unpublished papers  presented in English, French and Russian, 1968-2000, on how to teach children of kindergarten and school-age the conductive way. An unprecendented account in the English language of the philosophy and practice of conductive pedagogy by the originator and developer of conductor-training.

In reading these eight papers, arranged in date order, it is possible to see how her attitude to sharing the knowledge willingly, changed over the years as Conductive Education was taken up by others, and ‘practised’ without full understanding of the system.
I make no apologies for recommending a book I was involved in producing, as it is an important account of Hari’s ideas, thoughts and attempts to share the system combined with recording part of Conductive Education’s history.
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and the National Institute of Conductive Education, Birmingham, UK.
I hope there will be more in the future which tell us what conductors actually do! If you are aware of any in the pipeline, please do let me know.