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Some sad news today

Today I heard about the death of Margit Balogh, former Librarian at the Peto Institute, from cancer.

She became Librarian of the Institute in 1992 and brought new life and systems to the  Institute’s collection. In a chapter written for the recent book on Dr Hári (Balogh and Dezsőné, 2014) she describes her work there under the watchful, interested eye of Mária Hári, who encouraged her  to update the procedures, re-organise the stock, and develop the use of computers,  making its holdings  more accessible.

Margit also edited the book Mária Hári and her conductive education in 2007.

In 1993 I visited the Institute and met with Margit.  We communicated through an interpreter as I knew no Hungarian and she no English, but it was an interesting meeting as we talked about the unique sources on Conductive Education held in the Institute and the beginnings of the Library I was establishing for the Foundation for Conductive Education in England.

Margit did retire some years ago but today’s users of the Library owe her a large debt for all she did for the collection, and Conductive Education.

Today is a very sad day.


Balogh, E and Horváth Dezsőné, (2014) Emlékkönyv, Hári, Mária 1923-2001. Budapest: Pető András Főiskola


Buying Conductive Education books from Budapest, in 2015

The Pető András College has inherited the books published for sale from the former Pető Institute.

Over the past few weeks emails have been going back and forth between me and the Library at Pető András Főiskola in Budapest. I wanted to buy two of their publications, and it took time to establish costs, including postage. The items, both by Maria Hari are The History of Conductive Pedagogy  and the  French edition of the Human Principle in Conductive Education, both not available anywhere else.

Yesterday I received an invoice for both of the publications giving me the charges in forints and euros, about £15.00 in sterling, including postage. Payment was required before supplying the books,  which  is not  unreasonable, and I had to do this by transferring money from my bank account to that of the College.

I went to arrange this at my bank and was horrified to discover that there was a charge for doing this of £20, more in itself than the cost of the books with postage. Getting home I immediately contacted the Library and asked if it was possible to pay by credit card or debit card or even send two Conductive Education Press books in exchange for the ones I wanted.

It was very disappointing to get a reply this morning saying that none of those options is possible. In 2015 it seems incredible  that it is not possible to pay by card, and must mean that a lot of international  sales of books are being missed.

What a shame. Perhaps the College will get around to offering different options of paying as part of their general modernisation and join the rest of the world.

I am not inclined to pay the fees and will have to consider what to do next. I have been told that I would be very welcome to visit the Library anytime and buy the books then, but I don’t think a trip to Budapest is very likely though it would be great to visit and meet Noémi Zalavári who has been so helpful.

Setting up Conductive Education Press’ publications to be ordered and  supplied via the Internet seems even more like a good idea now, and does mean that all  seven publications can be ordered and paid for immediately anywhere in the world.


Success with the Pető Institute catalogue

Bea Toth has kindly put me right about this and I have now been successful in doing an author search.

Before  entering another name, I needed to end each session of searching, not just delete the name in the search box, then  go back to browse and then insert  Pető, András rather than András Pető and I then got the three records up.

I will now explore other options of searching the catalogue  and see how I get on.

Perhaps there are notes to help with searching but I haven’t managed to find them yet.


Searching the Pető Institute library catalogue

After comments received about accessing  the  catalogue of the  Pető Institute library, I have tried again but am  still not getting results for András Pető as author despite trying the way suggested by Bea Toth on Andrew’s Facebook page. 

I have  used the browse option, put in his name, and asked it to search for him as author and still get nothing. It is difficult to believe  that there is nothing catalogued written by the man himself.

I have done this in both the English and Hungarian language versions.

I also  asked it to search  for András Pető using all the fields offered, e.g.  author, title, publisher  and this  resulted in  a list of items that  contain the word Pető. Still none with him as an author.

I had no problem with  searching for material by Mária Hári.

I know how difficult it can be to search unfamiliar catalogues (and re-wrote the help page for the virtual library to make it easier to access the information held), but I would have thought that I could find my way around the Pető Institute library catalogue without any problems.

All suggestions on overcoming this are  welcome


Pető Institute library catalogue online

I have just been sent some links to what looks like a new version of the catalogue of the Hári Mária Library and Regional Source Centre at the Pető Institute, available online since 7 February.


It is now possible to search the catalogue either in English at http://libsrv.peto.hu/F/MFP1MUC4S6KR4FBNKVVXCJQHJ6HY2YB3EEA3JLS5NVT1T6S85M-04444?func=option-update-lng&file_name=find-b&P_CON_LNG=ENG

0r in Hungarian at


There are useful tips on how to search.

I have had a quick look at what is entered in the catalogue and was surprised to find that I could find nothing by András Pető himself.


I believe the library is open to all, so suggest you contact the Librarian (I am not sure if Beata Toth has been replaced) at library@peto.hu if you have any queries or wish to access the material.