Free e-books on Conductive Education – a warning

I received an Alert from Google re the availability of a free download of a book on Conductive Education at the following URL:


This states:

Andras Peto: Personal Recollections from Close Associates and Colleagues of Andras Peto and the Development of His Pedagogic Method Now Known as Conductive Education

Author: Gillian Maguire
publisher: Conductive Education Press
number Of Pages: 281
ISBN-10: 0956994849
ISBN-13: 9780956994844


Free signup required to download or reading online Andras Peto: Personal Recollections from Close Associates and Colleagues of Andras Peto and the Development of His Pedagogic Method Now Known as Conductive Education book.

Please note no files are hosted in our server. All document files are the property of their respective owners.

As you can imagine this was a surprise and very worrying. Details of the book are wrong  and it also gives my name as author.  Totally WRONG. Not only is the information wrong, but the book is not free at all in any shape or form. If you follow through the instructions you will give personal details which will leave your computer,  and you, open to all sorts of hacking and intrusion.


Please ignore this  if you get it


I have seen items like this in the past for Conductive Education books, e.g. Conductive Education by Hari and Akos, Adult Conductive Education by Brown and Mikula-Toth,  Adult Hemiplegia by Ester Cotton and a part of the Birmingham Research project of 1993. None of these are available either, in fact I am sure there are NO FREE DOWNLOADS of any book on Conductive Education.


If you  would like a copy of the real  published book,  Andras Peto  compiled and edited by Gillian Maguire and Andrew Sutton, please click on the following link and order a copy.

A phoenix from the ashes

A new year should be the start of something new and good but 2014 brought me the complete opposite. Someone has seen fit to hack my blog at www.gillian-maguire.info and changed the email linked to my Google account from mine to something different. Consequently I have been unable to access my blog to make any changes, add new postings etc, and it now has all sorts of adverts showing all over it.

 I was devastated. What should I do? What could I do?

I contacted Ben Foulger, who runs his own IT consultancy, and asked his help. Ben made a search for me and established that someone in Morocco had hacked in. There was nothing else he could do, so the only course was to contact Google’s product forum. This produced no help or satisfaction.

 But a new temporary site was set up at Ben’s suggestion, and I have spent quite a lot of time transferring posts from the old blog to the new one. There is still some way to go and not all old posts will be included, just the informational, factual and ̶dare I say ̶ useful ones. All news, fundraising items and ephemeral posts have been left out and remain where they are. An archive of news items will be compiled at a later date and posted separately.

 It is still possible to access the blog at www.gillian-maguire.info and the new ‘contributors’ can be found at the bottom and are Paul Smith and hicham rw whoever they may be, nothing to do with Conductive Education I am sure. But when the fee for this URL needs renewing, I will not do so and the blog will disappear. The only way of consulting the original postings will then be via the archive of the Way Back Machine at https://archive.org/web/

 Working through the blog in this way is an interesting (though daunting) exercise and makes me realise what a lot of factual solid information about the history, literature and events in Conductive Education have been posted. I am still wondering how useful people find this as I still get virtually no feedback.

 For the foreseeable future the new, revised Conductive Education Information will be found here on Conduction’s website :



This solution would not have been possible without the expertise and encouragement of Ben Foulger. I cannot thank him enough for all his help. Anyone who needs IT help, website design or advice, should consult him at http://conductiveit.com/


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